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Admin: Shreemayee Chattopadhyay

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I am Shreemayee Chattopadhyay, a teacher by profession. But I am passionate about beauty and that passion has driven me here to create the blog "" where I will show you how to become more beautiful by making some changes in your lifestyle. So I call myself a beauty and lifestyle blogger. Here, I am going to share with you some nice skincare and makeup products and some general lifestyle tips.


Another passion of mine is photography. No, I don't call myself a photographer. But I love to capture some lovely shades of life through my camera or sometimes through the mobile. So, you can get some pretty shots of life around me as well.


If you want to contact me, please reach out to me on -

Email Id:

Instagram - shreemayee4

Twitter - ShreemayeeC

Facebook - Shreemayeesdiary


Author: Arkoprobho Chattopadhyay

Arkoprobho, movie, buff, reviews, suggested views

A college student with immense interest in movies, has joined us to write his views on movies. He has a flair for writing to express his thoughts. Here you will expect some suggestions for movies from different genre and Arkoprobho will review new releases for you as well.

You can also contact Arkoprobho here

Instagram: arkochat_21

Twitter :  ArkoprobhoC

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