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Different Types of Nail Polish Colors for Women in India

Nail polish, hacks, skin tone

For any woman who loves to self-groom, then nail polish is the best option to go with. In the age of immense beauty products, women can choose the best nail polish that can work best on any occasion. Different brands offer different nail polish colors, but not all colors suit the best. Finding the ideal nail polish is not an easy task. First, you need to look for the perfect color and texture.

Furthermore, your nail polish should be long-lasting and complement the attire perfectly. There are different options, from fast-drying nail polish to super shine polish for nails. You can choose which one goes perfectly with the overall makeup.

Types of nail polish colors available for women:

Nail polish colors are available from almost every major cosmetic brand, giving you a wide selection of options. In addition, nail paint colors from worldwide companies are also available in the Indian market. Neyah is one such Indian brand that offers the best range of nail polish colors. Choosing the best nail color polish is vital. Before you get into the choosing part, let us check some of the types of nail polish colors for women in India.

Nail polish, hacks, skin tone

Quick Dry Nail Polish

The fast-drying nail polish from Neyah comes in different colors. This includes seafood, olive fumes, Lilac-Lily, Pink Plum, Sinister Sien, Oreo, Night Lady, and others. You can choose the color that perfectly matches your skin and overall attire. Compared to standard nail polishes, quick-dry nail polish is manufactured using solvents with a higher dose to speed up the evaporation rate and drying time. This nail paint is a wonderful choice if you're in a hurry or get clumsy and need to speed up the drying process.

Super Shine Nail Paint

The Neyah Super Shine nail paint is perfect for any occasion. The product comes with multiple color options, including bottle blue, blueberry, American, Pine Nuts, and others. Once you apply this nail paint, you will notice a classy shine on your nails. It has a quick-dry formula and deep color pigmentation that stays for a long time, resulting in a lacquered finish that lasts a long time.

Among the available color options, the recently added one is hues ranging from 36 to 44 in a bottle containing 11ml.

How to Choose the Right Nail Color?

Since there are multiple colors to choose from, it isn't clear which color is the best to go with. We have compiled some tips you can follow in choosing the right nail color.

For Fair Skin:

If you have a fair complexion, practically any color will look good on you. So be free to use any nail polish color, whether it's a dark or light tint or a strong or traditional hue. To give a flattering look to your skin, choose gentle and vivid tones of pink, purple, and red. Blue and silver tones will also look great on the skin.

For Dark Skin:

Women with dark skin and dark and rich hues will go perfectly. For a typical look, choose chocolate brown, dark purple, or maroon nail polish. However, if you have excessive tanning and dark skin, you may choose to use light brown and pink tones and other warm shades.

As per the Occasion

When choosing nail polish color, the occasion matters the most. Determine the occasion for which you intend to wear a specific color. For example, if you're going to an evening celebration, you can go for the bronze and gold tones. For a professional setting, choose neutral colors or a French manicure. Colors like pink, green, and orange are popular among college-going girls. As a result, think about the occasion.


Besides deciding on the right color, it is also important to choose nail polish removers. Neyah offers instant dip & twist nail paint remover, perfect for clearing out the nail color. Choose the right color that uplifts your overall nail look.

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