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Did ThriveCo Hair Growth Serum really work?

When it comes to hair care, many of us focus only on hair and the scalp remains neglected. While only a healthy scalp can lead to healthy mane. What else can make the scalp healthier than a good hair serum? So, a proper scalp care, good serums and a healthy lifestyle can give you the best hair yet. Let's talk about a hair growth serum which I have recently incorporated in my ritual. It's ThriveCo Hair Growth Serum. Scroll down to know more. 

Hair growth serum, haircare, review, healthy hair

Like our face, our head also requires some special care. A hair serum does this very efficiently. Adding a good serum promotes growth, provides nourishment to your scalp while keeping thinning or shedding of tresses at bay. In today's post I am sharing my views on ThriveCo Hair Growth Serum that has come to me as a savior.

Hair growth serum, haircare, review, healthy hair

ThriveCo to see everyone thrive:

ThriveCo is an ethical beauty and wellness brand to introduce sustainable lifestyle in us. It formulates environment conscious and highly effective, clean products for skin and hair. Their research-based products are designed to suit Indian skin at its best. The products are packaged in glass bottles to protect our planet from the damages of plastic usages. 

ThriveCo Hair Growth Serum with  Redensyl, Anagain & Procapil:

It claims to be a powerful hair growth serum. Being a blend of 3 proven ingredients Redensyl, Anagain and Procapil, this hair fall control serum "reactivate hair stem cells for better hair growth". This advanced leave-in formula can visibly increase density, wards off shedding or thinning of strands, awakens the cells for proper growth. Thus it becomes the fantastic choice for topical treatment for fuller, thicker hair. A completely safe and eco-friendly serum that can be used everyday by men and women both.

Key features:

  1. Contains intensive, stimulating activators
  2.  Reduces hair loss and increases growth and fullness.
  3. Provides overall life, volume and density
  4. Silicon free formula
  5. Sulphate free, Paraben free
  6. Environment-friendly
  7. Dermatologically tested
  8. Made in India

How to use:

Apply a generous amount using the dropper directly to your scalp in the area of hair loss. Massage into the scalp using fingertips. Rinse hands after. We recommend applying the HAIR GROWTH Serum every night before going to bed as that gives the serum enough time to work as you sleep. Use it over a period of 3 months for improved results. Continue thereafter for continued nutrition.


1. Redensyl: Backed by science for guaranteed natural hair growth. This is an excellent option to stop hair loss, a natural solution for topical treatment of healthy growth.

2. Anagain: One of the most powerful natural alternatives to reduce hair loss, and reactivate the growth. This is an organic pea sprout extract that supports the regeneration of dermal papilla cells that lead to the rebalance of natural hair cycle. 

3. Procapil: A breakthrough formula that contains natural ingredients. It reduces hair loss, strengthens the root while stimulating regrowth.

Hair growth serum, haircare, review, healthy hair

Price: ₹1999 for 50 ml. Available on their website


The cloudy white serum is housed in an amber coloured glass bottle. The targeted dropper dispenser makes it easy to apply wherever you want to. You can find all necessary information about the product on the outer surface of the bottle. I love this compact packaging. 

Hair growth serum, haircare, review, healthy hair

My experience:

I started losing my locks due to illness and got my hands on this. I've been using ThriveCo Hair Growth Serum for almost two weeks. I apply it to my scalp every night targeting the areas where most strands fall out. It has a soothing smell that's very mild and indulgent. The watery formula doesn't feel greasy or sticky. It absorbs immediately after the application. It has a soothing and calming effect on any dry, itchy scalp.

I have seen 5% less shedding. Don't you think that's quite a big deal within such a short period? And it's so true that patience is necessary for this journey. I have to wait long (at least three months) to see the desired results. The product should be used continually without skipping a day. 

Hair growth serum, haircare, review, healthy hair

Hope you are impressed with the amazing product. Let me know if you have already tried this serum.

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  1. My hair is falling in bunches. I m going to try ThriveCo, Shreemayee. It has Redensyl which works in growth of new hair. Thank you for sharing this serum.

  2. Hairfall is a common problem these days , thankfully we have good products like this as rescue. I will check this :)

  3. Nice and through product review!! Would love to hear your feedback on this product after another few months. Do keep us posted. thanks:)

  4. Hairfall is increasing among this generation than any other generation before. I've read that Redensyl is the proven treatment of hair fall. Shall definitely try this serum!

    1. Yeah, Redensyl is a great ingredient for hairfall control.

  5. I am going to try this, my hair is falling in bunches

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  11. I'm impressed by the results you've reported. Will share this info with my husband.

  12. I'm impressed by the results you've reported. I'll share this info with my husband who's having hairfall issues.

  13. I am quite careful when it comes to serums due to my allergies. I would have to check the contents in details before I use it. Thanks for sharing a detailed review.

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  15. This sounds like a magic serum for hair. I will try this one. Thanks for this details review.

  16. I have used Thriveco products as they sent me a bottle of hair mask and serum for review purpose. I really liked the products as I found them chemical free and useful for my hair.

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