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Coffee And Tea: How Do They Affect Your Teeth?

A large number of people can’t consider their morning without a cup of coffee or tea. But do you know your teeth are affected a lot by drinking coffee or tea. While drinking coffee or tea people normally don’t think about their health. The functioning and look of your teeth are affected a lot by drinking beverages of these types.

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A lot of people don’t take deep fried foods, processed snacks, sugary desserts, fatty dairy because these foods are unhealthy. But drinking coffee and tea is a bad habit that they don’t want to leave. Sugar is not only present in sugary confections but its substantial quantity is also present in tea or coffee. One of the main reasons for tooth erosion is drinking these beverages. Sugar is the main culprit here. Teeth decay is the ultimate result of this.

The coffee contains a considerable amount of acid in it. Also, for your teeth as well as for complete health, sugar is not good. An acid formation on your teeth takes place when bacteria feed on this sugar. The teeth have a protective covering known as enamel which gets eroded because of acids.

Teeth erosion has immediate effects known as teeth sensitivity. Cavities can occur if the erosions are severe. A loss of teeth and tooth decay can occur because of cavities. Teeth decay can occur because of caramel or sugar present in coffee or tea.

Bad breath can also occur by drinking too much tea or coffee. We call it Halitosis. When your stomach is empty and you consume these beverages in large quantities then this happens. So, remember that you first have to take a meal and then you can take these beverages. You can also take these beverages with some other things like snacks.

If you want to solve the issue to some extent then try to drink coffee or tea without including sugar in these. Your teeth’s health gets hampered by drinking coffee and tea. Along with this their appearance also worsens because of these beverages. Tannins is present in tea and coffee as an ingredient. Wine also contains this ingredient. You can call Tannins as the caustic substances’ group having a bitter taste or you can call these as polyphenols’ type.

For the purpose of dying leather a number of industries use Tannins. So, for your teeth these cannot be considered as normal in any sense. A yellowish tinge can get left behind on your teeth if tannins regularly come in contact with your teeth. Ultimately the stain can become permanent if you will not treat it.

Nobody will take interest in sacrificing his smile because of drinking coffee or tea. However, in spite of taking one cup of these beverages in the morning, it is possible to save your smile.

Don’t get panicked by thinking that it is not possible to repair your stained teeth. The dental science field can show a lot of advancements made by modern technology. It is possible to get back the former glory of your teeth if you go to an orthodontist. If you will go for a dental cleaning by some professional then it will be very good for you.

For removing the stains of tea and coffee, it will be good for you if you go for dental cleaning every year at least once. Also, for whitening the teeth at home you can do a number of things. Bleaching properties are present in lime. For treating infections, you can take the help of salt. Your teeth can become light if you will rub salt mixed with lime juice on these. You can get the similar help from activated charcoal powder as well as from the baking soda. By mixing water in both you can make a paste of both of these separately. Then apply this paste on the teeth and wait for some time.

Then do gentle brushing. Your teeth will look slightly different because of this. For removing the stains permanently, you have to do gentle brushing by using a whitening toothpaste.

So, don’t drink too much coffee or tea daily as these are very bad for the teeth. If I will have severe teeth problems by drinking these beverages then I will visit the Best dentist near me.


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  1. Unfortunately I love my coffee too much to give it up completely but I have reduced the amount I drink over the last year.
    Noor Anand Chawla

    1. Same here. I'm addicted to tea yet am trying to reduce my consumption.

  2. I feel everything in excess causes a problem. Having things in moderation cautiously is good. Thanks for sharing this informative post.

  3. Coffee and tea are so addictive that it is difficult to do without these beverages. For most people mornings start with their cuppa. But one definitely needs to moderate on the consumption of tea or coffee.

    1. Yes, mine is the same story. I'm also trying to moderate the consumption of tea.

  4. I have scene such cases in front of my eyes. Thus I have and idea. I drink coffee only once a day and if it is not required, I avoid it.

  5. My brother drinks a lot of coffee and his teeth have gone all yellow! I will share this with him!

  6. I have offlate become a coffee addict and worried about my dental health too. Will surely get my cleaning done. This is a nice post on coffee and tea affects.

  7. I love my tea n coffee intake but just once a day. I m surely checking out with my dentist, details about the same and do whats best