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5 tips that will help you to choose the right foundation for yourself

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The right foundation can build up your makeup or make the makeup look shabby.

It is imperative to choose the right foundation for your makeup routine.

Many factors govern the type of foundation, to buy and use according to your skin type.

The coverage, texture, colour, and formation, are only some of the key factors to look in your foundation. There is more to it than just these.

Moreover, finding the right foundation for an Indian skin tone is the hardest, thanks to the colonial rule and the abundance of the racist character in our society.

Thus, choosing the right foundation to suit your skin type, might get tricky sometimes.

Below are some awesome tips to help you find the right foundation for your skin tone.

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Identify your skin tone

Skin tone palette is broadly classified into three categories - Light, medium, and dark. Most of the Indian tones fall under the category of medium skin tone. Though the representation of Indian skin tone is not well in the market. Yet, if one searches hard enough, one could find some classic brands with a great foundation formula with skin tones that suit one's shade.

The right consistency

Foundations have different chemical formulae and thus different textures. Some foundations come in powder form, mousse form, or some even cream form. However, while choosing the right foundation texture it is important to identify your expertise in makeup and your skin type. So choose wisely!!

Dewy or matte

With the markets being flooded by various foundations, another variation of foundations refers to the kind of makeup you are looking ahead for. Whether you want a dewy finish or a matte finish, is a prime question that one needs to ask ourselves before picking up a foundation. A dewy foundation will give you a glowy and a more natural finish whereas a matte foundation will provide a more pastel finish.

Coverage of the foundation

Not every makeup look requires the same kind of coverage. The range of coverage differs in three categories- light, medium, and full. A full-coverage foundation is used for a loaded makeup look, medium coverage for familial and party occasions, and a light coverage is somewhat like a BB cream that could be used regularly. So, it is essential to choose the foundation according to your needs.

Knowing the undertone is important

Undertones could be described in three variations - warm, neutral, and cool. There are different ways to find your undertone, more on it below. But undertone is necessary when it comes to choosing the foundation. Just like the foundation is the base of your makeup the undertone is the base shade of your foundation.

Let's see how one can figure out one’s undertone.

The wrist test is one of the most familiar tests when it comes to figuring one's undertone. Look at the colour of your veins carefully, if they are green or olive in colour then you are warm, when it comes to your undertone, if the colour is purple or blue then you have a cool undertone, and if the colour is not distinguishable then you have a neutral undertone.

With these amazing tips and tricks, choose the right foundation for yourself and rock the parties with ease and glamorous makeup.

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  1. Zeroing in on the right foundation that will suit your skin can be challenging. These are some pretty useful tips to help choose the right one which is just right for your skin type.

  2. I have barely done make up 10 times in my entire life till now. So, this guide is really useful for me as now I need to do a bit of nakeup for videos. I will do the wrist test before choosing a foundation.

  3. The Guide is really helpful in selecting the foundation. Though my bag is full and next buy is not anytime soon but definitely will keep all the points in mind while selecting by next buy.

    1. Glad to know that you have found this helpful.

  4. Wow lovely article! I didn’t know about undertones and now I know. Thanks for sharing about it.

  5. Very detailed information provided in this post