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Top 10 Tips to Take Care of Winter Skin

 You might love winter because of that bright chilly mornings, vacations, lots of fruits and vegetables and above all Christmas, the festival of bright decor, family gatherings, gift giving etc etc. What makes me love winter is less sweat and oil which means fewer or no issues of pimples or acne breakouts. Bro, don't be so happy! Harsh cold climate can be damaging and uncomfortable as well. This may result in dry, itchy skin, rashes, redness and all. So, you need to take brilliant care of your skin to keep it hydrated, soft and healthy. 

Winter skincare, Hydrating, dry skin, lifestyle

Well, let me share some tips to make your skin happy throughout the bitterly cold climate. I'm not going to suggest you panic-buying of lots of lotions, creams, serums and making a big hole in your purse. What you need to find is a combination of hydrating, natural products, home remedies and simple lifestyle changes to help you pamper yourself in winter.

1. Choose your Cleansers carefully:

Pick up a cleanser that contains no drying ingredients like alcohol, added fragrances or harmful chemicals. They strip off natural oils, leaving your skin more dry and damaged. You can try Just Herb Silkplash Neem-Orange or Biotique Bio Honey Gel Refreshing Foaming Facewash to keep your face moisturizesd and at the same time clean and fresh.

2. Don't forget to Exfoliate:

A good scrub will remove damaged cells from the surface to help your skin absorb the other products better. Go for a homemade exfoliator, mixing Oats powder, Honey and Milk. Keep this paste for 3-4 minutes, wash it off after rubbing for few seconds. You also can try Oats Almond Cleanser from Skincarevilla Shop.

3. Use Richer Moisturizer:

Choosing the right moisturizer is the key. It's better to switch from lotions to creams.  Your moisturizer might be hydrating and nourishing and at the same time doesn't leave you feeling greasy or excessive oily. A light and gentle formula containing hyaluronic acid, antioxidants, different vitamins can do the magic. It's recommended to implement a facial oil layering over the moisturizer. You can buy a facial oil (mixture of different effective organic oils) or apply few drops of Argan oil over your regular moisturizer. This can be the key contributor to your overall skin health and texture.

Winter skincare, Hydrating, dry skin, lifestyle

4. Your body needs special care:

Not only your face, moisturize your whole body as well. It's best to use body butter or creams in winter. Just after shower when the skin is still damp, apply thoroughly all over your body. Don't forget the most hardworking parts like hands and feet while moisturizing. It will help lock moisture into your skin. If needed apply at night before hitting the bed. My take on this is WOW Skin Science Coconut Milk and Argan Oil body lotion.

Recently ran out of your body moisturizer? Nothing to worry! You can use a natural moisturizer, that is Coconut oil.  It will help you getting maximum hydration without putting on harmful chemicals in your skin.

5. Lip balm is a necessity:

Yes, don't ignore your lips. Applying a moisturizing balm can help heal dry, chapped lips. At night, try boroline (my go-to lip and hand care product). This is the best way to soothe and heal dry lips, lighten the pigmentation, leaving it soft and supple. During daytime, you can use any rich balm with SPF

Winter skincare, Hydrating, dry skin, lifestyle

6. Moisturize your hands frequently:

Applying a hand cream after each wash will help to maintain healthy and happy hands. Our hands face soaps, detergents while we perform household chores. We have to wash our hands frequently to be safe and secure during this pandemic situation. And, the result is dry, rough skin. Harsh winter worsens the situation. So, I'd suggest to apply a good nourishing cream after each wash. Don't ignore the nails and the area around the nails while massaging the cream. 

You can buy a good cream from the market or you can go for this easy DIY at home. Mix 1 tablespoon of any carrier oil (Coconut/Olive/Avocado/Sweet Almond) of your choice with 1 tablespoon of honey and glycerine and massage the hands. Wash off after 15-20 minutes. 

Winter skincare, Hydrating, dry skin, lifestyle

7. Avoid hot showers:

Though you may feel amazing with a hot shower (bath) in chilly mornings, it may rob off the natural oils and leave your body dry, flaky and itchy. Hot showers also can dehydrate you. Rather you make it lukewarm and limit the time to 10-12 minutes. 

8. Wear a sunscreen:

This is the most important step in your ritual. Sunscreen with SPF 30 atleast is a must even in winter to protect from harmful UV rays. Sun exposure may cause pigmentation issues, wrinkles, and even skin cancer. So, wearing a sunblock cream is the perfect way to help your complexion look and feel healthy and flawless.

9. Drink plenty of water:

During winter, cold weather outside makes us indulge in more tea, coffee or hot chocolates and forget to drink enough water. While you should have more water as the weather is very dry to stay hydrated from inside. Also eat lots of fresh vegetables and fruits. You can have plenty of them in this season.

10. Avoid rough fabrics:

Winter clothings may aggravate dry skin sometimes. Mostly they're made of coarse wools those may result in itchy, irritated skin. As much as possible, keep woollen clothes away from touching your skin directly. Here, you can take help of layering.

Winter skincare, Hydrating, dry skin, lifestyle

Here are some tips, I think you're going to find helpful. If you have any other suggestions in mind, please share with us. 

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  1. I have a weakness for hot baths. But now trying to tone it down to overcome dryness. Also, I have yet to try Just Herb products and will try the face cleanser you have mentioned.

    1. Just Herb products are really good for healthy skin.

  2. The winter season is always a challenge for the skin, the colder it is, more the challenges. Lip Balm and a good moisturizer are an absolute neccessity in the season.

  3. These are some nice and practical tips to take care of skin during winters. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Its always a pleasure to read you blog. You describe things so easily and so smoothly.
    My focus is always less on point no 9, definitely gonna focus this year more on the same.

    1. This may be everyone's issue during winter. Please do focus. This is very important to get healthy.

  5. This is such a detailed post with some amazing tips. I m surely going to follow these to take care of my winter skin

  6. It's really important to take care of our skin during winters coz it becomes dull. Great thoughts.