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Nature Sure Jonk Shampoo Review and Uses

I believe in the minimalist approach towards life. Such is the scene for my beauty routine as well. I'm pretty low-maintenance on hair care. And simple hair care routine is the best way to deal with my sensitive and irritated scalp. This is not because I don't have time, or patience to do much. Actually I just like to grow them naturally. Yet, I'm quite picky about choosing the products I use for my skin and hair. I like them to be light, gentle and soft. And for shampoos that might be sulphate free.

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So, when I received this Jonk Shampoo from Nature Sure, I did know that it would make me happy like all other products from this brand.

Shampoo, haircare, sulphate-free, anti-hairfall,

Before going to share my experience about the product, I would like to tell you about my hair type. It's naturally wavy and frizzy with oily scalp. The strands are quite thick and if they are exposed to too much environmental hazards, chemicals or styling tools, they become dry, frizzy, and prone to breakage. So, I always try to use those products that make my locks stay nourished and well conditioned. 

I shampoo every three days or whenever feel like I might go for. It keeps my scalp healthy and clean as I believe in the fact that the good hair begins from a healthy scalp. Well, finally we can get into the main topic, the review of Nature Sure Jonk Shampoo. Can it be able to fulfill my requirements? Let's get into it.

What the brand claims about Jonk Shampoo:

Infused with natural oils, Nature Sure Jonk Shampoo acts as a natural therapy for weak, damaged and brittle hair. It helps the scalp from infections, deeply nourishes the roots and removes dandruff to make the hair roots stronger and healthier.

Other claims:

  1. 100% natural
  2. Paraben free.
  3. Sulphate free.
  4. Anti-hairfall.
  5. Anti-dandruff.
  6. Restores shine.


Aloe Vera, Amla, Baheda, Shikakai, Aritha, Harad, Methi, Neem, Shampoo Base (Q.S.).


Apply sufficient amount of the product on wet hair. Massage and lather enough to cover the entire scalp and hair strands. Rinse well with water.

Shampoo, haircare, sulphate-free, anti-hairfall,


The pale yellow colored product is packed in a white plastic bottle with a pump dispenser. It's a compact packaging with all the necessary information about the product. Though not travel-friendly, the bottle is quite handy and economic. You can pump that much amount you will like to use for one time. If you want to keep it in your travel pouch, transfer the required amount of the product into a smaller container and carry.

My Experience:

I started using this product almost two weeks ago. It is a bit thick when I pour on my palms, yet feel light on my head. I don't apply the shampoo directly on my head. As it's thick, first pour it on your palm, add some water to make the lather first and apply thoroughly on wet scalp and hair. The soft and gentle formula gives an intense amount of silky lather without leaving your hair feeling stripped. You will need 3 pumps if you have medium length hair. 

Shampoo, haircare, sulphate-free, anti-hairfall,

What I don't like about this preparation is the smell. The formula has an added fragrance that is sweet and some may love. Yet my sensitive nose feels it strong. I thought it would give my sensitive scalp rashes and itching. Though it hasn't happened at the end. It's very soothing instead. Thanks to Aloe Vera, one of the key ingredients.

The favorite part of this formula is how it has made my hair feel. It gently cleanses the strands of dirt, pollutants, excess oil making each of them soft, smooth and look healthy. With some shampoos I end up with itchy or irritated head even if that's sulphate free and I use very less amount of the product. While this one soothes dryness and irritations leaving my scalp moisturized and nourished. You don't need deep conditioning afterwards. Just apply your regular conditioner and you're done. This is a bonus for me. Do you want anything more from a shampoo?  

Hope this review helps you to choose the right one for you. Have you already tried Nature Sure Jonk Shampoo? Let me know your thoughts about it in the comments. Thanks so much for reading.

*P.R. sample. All opinions are my own.

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