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Hemp Foundation Pure Hemp Face Cover | Review

Hemp Foundation has brought Pure Hemp Face Cover to keep us safe and breathe easily. These are reusable, organic, hypoallergenic and biodegradable options for covering the nose and mouth.

Hemp, face, mask, breathable, sustainable, organic, reusable

Wearing a face mask is one of the most important part to prevent the spread of COVID-19. As a patient of asthma wearing face covers, especially N-95 ones, gives me trouble breathing. After a few minutes of wearing, the mask feels unbearable. I feel light-headed, smothered. This made me contact my personal physician as stepping out mask-free is a big no-no. My doctor advised me to opt for one that is made of  breathable moisture-wicking fabric. I started searching on Google and came to know about Hemp Foundation and their special initiative of making Hemp Face Masks. I've started using them and found a fantastic alternative to all those single use masks. 

Single use masks not only cause trouble breathing but they also offer harmful effects on Mother Nature. As discarded they pile up on beaches and countrysides providing huge threat to our planet. So, it's better to shift your focus on ethically and responsibly made products promoting healthy and pollution-free environment.


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Hemp Foundation Pure Hemp Face Cover:

Yes, I'm in love with these mouth covers. In this new normal, I was so tired of adjusting with those N95 masks. I couldn't step out and stay even for 10 minutes with them. They would give me so much suffocation that I had to take it off. My family was so worried about this. As a working woman, it is obvious that I have to go for work some day and stay for long hours. At this point, I have got my hands on these comfortable substitutes. Let's get into the topic.

Hemp, face, mask, breathable, sustainable, organic, reusable

Being a patient of asthma, I was on a lookout for a mask that helps me breathe easy. My search ended in Hemp Foundation and their reusable, sustainable, organic face covers.

Hemp Foundation Face Masks are ethically sourced from the farmers of remote villages of  Uttarakhand. This non-profit organization is working on the promotion of hemp farming in Uttarakhand and at the same time helping the women there to market their products. Their mission is to empower farmers and artisans in Uttarakhand while offering us completely eco-friendly accessory to take responsible decision to reduce the environmental threats posed by COVID-19 essentials. 


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Why Hemp Face Covers are the most fascinating choice:


  • Hemp is naturally antimicrobial, resistant to mold and mildew.
  • The fabric is more breathable than cotton.
  • It can completely block UV rays.
  • Hemp fabric is more sustainable than cotton as it needs less water and less land to grow.
  • Another good quality of this fabric is that it softens with time. They don't go out of shape even after several washes.
  • At Hemp Foundation, Hemp grows 100% organically. 

Hemp, face, mask, breathable, sustainable, organic, reusable


What made me love them:

After using for a few days I really love to talk about this fab mask. Trust me, there is nothing bad to say about this simple yet stylish new normal accessory. The best part is that it's very lightweight and comfortable. You will not feel like you have put anything on your nose and mouth. With this double-layered covering, I can breath easily for long hours. No discomfort or suffocating feel it gives. 

When I wear the cover, it fits me pretty well leaving no gaps. Thus you can feel more safe and can step out with less fear of getting infected. Other masks, especially the single use ones, come with elastic straps that give me itching on my ears. While it has fabric straps shaped in such a way to make it comfier and fit better, it also helps avoiding discomfort behind your ears if you have to wear it for long hours. Once it's set on your face, there will be no tugging or pulling afterwards. Isn't it cool? 

Hemp, face, mask, breathable, sustainable, organic, reusable

The face covers are designed in different thicknesses as per your requirement. They're useful even for people living in the crowded areas where physical distancing may not be so easy. Additional safety features are also provided for the persons with high exposure risk. You can choose from 4 different colors, light grey, dark grey, black and white. They are available in different sizes (S, L, M).

How to take care:

Taking care is very easy. For this, you have to soak your hemp mask in detergent water for 30 minutes or more, rinse and wash. If you want to disinfectant it, soak it in boiled water for 30 seconds before washing with the detergent water.

Where to buy:

To purchase anything Hemp, whether it is fashionable dresses or face masks or hemp oil you can visit their





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