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Traveling to the hub of cultures: The UK

Travel guide, the UK, guest post

Great Britain - the name in itself is enough to give us an adrenaline rush for the amount of excitement and enthusiasm that resides in a single nation, yet with a diversity full of rainbow colors. Traveling to the UK may definitely be on everyone's cards but very few of them actually are able to realize their plans. Do take a look at this travel guide before taking


The UK is an island located close to the North Pole with the English Channel separating it from the Mainland Europe. It is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean on the west and by the North Sea on the east. Most of the country is cold and is itself separated in smaller principalities like Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland that is located off the main coast. The Union Jack is its National Flag and English is the widely spoken language.


Best time to visit

Since it's a cold country, the best time would be to avoid the cold and rainy weather from December to February.
The ideal time to visit would be July to August, when it's all summers over there or May- September when there is sun, rain and cold all mixed, making the weather quite pleasant.


Travel, guide, the UK, guest post

How to reach and Commute?

Reaching the UK is as easy as eating a brownie. Any direct flight from Indian cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, etc. will land you on the London City International port. You can even go on the rest 4 International Airports as UK has 5 ports in total.
On reaching the mainland, that is, London, you can commute within the country either on a domestic flight or any train. UK has an extensive network of trains though they are a little expensive. The buses operated by National Express can be used to travel too.

Where to stay?

There are many apartments, hotels, inns, taverns, and resorts to stay with varying prices. Some of the cheapest accommodations are these:

  • Clink78 Hostel: This is a historic courthouse that has now been converted to a rest house. It offers buffet breakfast, has a shared kitchen, game room and underground DJ bars
  • Best Western Victoria Palace: This is another charming budget hotel, located at a 29 minutes walk from the Buckingham Palace with a hot buffet breakfast.
  • Ibis London Blackfriars: This hotel is operated with a 24 hrs available front desk. It has a restaurant and a bar too.


Travel, guide, the UK, guest post


Other expensive accommodations in London are as follows:

  • Brown's: This is the oldest hotel in London and offers 5- star intimate boutique luxury to its guests.
    The Savoy: This is also a 5- star luxury hotel located in Central London and offers high-class hospitality.
  • Premier Inn: The Inn is located very close to the London Bridge and is given 3- star rating.

Accommodations in Scotland:

  • Traditional Blackouses with strong and high stone walls are good to savor Scottish culture like Gerrannan Blackhouse.
  • Another place to stay in the native Scottish inn like The Drover's Inn.


What to see?

There are infinite destinations to visit in the UK and here are the very famous ones listed to make your task easy:

London's Bridge: This is the main attraction in the UK. This surreal site with the London Bridge we sang in childhood poems over the river Thames presents a heavenly view. In the spring, the iconic boat race takes place on the banks of Thames. Don't miss it!

London Eye: This is Europe's tallest observation wheel and seems a giant slow ferries wheel with glass pods. It's a good place to get a bird's eye view of the city.


Travel, , the UK, guest post

London Tower: This tower is home to the crown of jewels and is a UNESCO World Heritage site. It was a fortress, prison, royal mint, and served as a place of execution. Located on the River Thames, it's a 1000 years old tower.

St. Paul's cathedral: This is an Anglican church designed by Sir Christopher Wren, in English Baroque Style. It was consecrated in 1697 and is right now the Bishop's seat in London.


Travel tips, the UK, guest post
British Museum: The museum has many ancient pieces and artifacts and is home to around 8 million objects. It was set up in 1753.

Buckingham Palace: The most famous place in London, it is the residence of reigning Sovereign and was mainly the residence of Duke of Buckingham. You can watch the Changing of Guard or the staterooms in the Palace.

Westminster Abbey: This is the same place where Prince William and Catherine Middleton got married in 2011. House of all the royal coronations, it's a must-visit place!

Stonehenge: One of the earlier 7 Wonders of the world and a UNESCO World Heritage site, It was a place of pilgrimage and is more than 4500 years old. Also, don't forget to visit the small town of Salisbury located near it.

Travel, tips, the UK, guest post

Windsor Castle: Windsor is a small town and a short train ride from London will help you reach the place. It was the summer residence of the British Royalty and is presently the world's largest inhabited castle.

Travel tips, the UK, guest post
Edinburgh: This capital of Scotland is home to the Edinburgh castle. Located on a rock on top of a hill, it's a 13th-century royal fortress with the Stone of Destiny and a Scottish War Memorial as its chief attractions.

Downing Street: This is the main street running south from Trafalgar Square towards Parliament Square. It was once the home to Whitehall Palace. You must have often watched the British PM walking down this street.

Madame Tussauds: The chiefest bliss to the people who want to see all the famous personalities in their wax form. It has many smaller museums also in different cities.

Lake District: Located in Northern England, this place has tonnes of lakes in which you can go swimming. If someone loves doing cycling and trekking or adventure sports, this is the ideal location.

Big Ben: This is the famous clock located in the North end of the Palace of Westminster. It shows the most accurate time and is built in the neo-Gothic style.

Travel, tips, the UK, guest post
Altogether, the UK has so much to offer that it becomes difficult to choose. You can also go on a pony ride or coach ride around the university towns like Oxfordshire, Cambridge, Yorkshire, etc. A visit to the city of Cornwall with its Museum of Witchcraft and Magicians or Bristol is another way to enjoy it. Literature lovers can visit the Shakespeare's Globe Theatre to revisit the lost drama era.

Suggested Itinerary

  • Take a night flight and reach London in the morning.
  • Accommodate in a suitable hotel, take rest and visit London Bridge, the London Eye, and River Thames
  • The following day visit Shakespeare's Globe, Buckingham Palace, Oxford, and Cambridge, Downing Street.
  • The third day go for a ride to Bristol or Windsor and reach the hotel to fly to Scotland.
  • On the fourth day, you can visit Edinburgh and the whole of Scotland. Try to visit the Scottish Highlands and Glens( valleys) that are world-famous.
  • The next day, you can go to Wales to admire the beautiful place Gower or can go to Snowdonia National Park.
  • Last day, reach back to London and go to Madame Tussauds. In the night, fly back home.


Food and Cuisines

English foods are world-famous. While visiting the UK, don't forget to eat the staple fish and chips over there. In your hotel, go for the English breakfast with that splendid scrambled eggs, sausages, beans, milk, tomatoes, etc. The Sunday Roast dinner of English people is amazing. Eat a lot of steaks and ale pie to cherish and relinquish English flavors. You can try the famous Scotch Eggs that are hard-boiled and wrapped in sausages.

Travel, tips, the UK, food
Also, savor the meat pies wrapped in a pie shape. Other dishes to try are Haggis, Nappies, and Fatties which are the sheep and its heart cooked with onions and veggies.
Besides that, if you love your native flavors then many other restaurants are available that serve Indian food. Owing to the strong Indian diaspora over there, restaurants serve Paneer tikka, chicken tikka masala too.


Travel tips, the UK, food

What to buy?
The first thing that anyone from the UK would suggest buying would be an umbrella. Since the weather is almost bad throughout the year, you can buy the famous umbrellas from James Smith and Sons. They opened up in 1830.
You can buy any souvenir from the House of Commons Shop which also operates online. It will remind you of the British Royalty every time. An oyster card is a must to travel in the UK, so it can turn your souvenir too.

Travel tips the UK, food, shopping
While being in Scotland, don't forget to buy some expensive sparkle wines, whiskeys, and Champagnes. You can also try your hand at the Lock and Co shop for a hat since it's the oldest hat shop in the world. Good fabrics are available too but then these are mostly from South East Asia.
An ideal choice would be to buy something native to the UK. It can be any souvenir in the form of a painting of London Bridge, Big Ben, etc.

Estimated Costs

The costs vary from person to person and the mind of food and accommodation you choose. But adding all the travel, hospitality costs a trip to UK may cost around 70000 to 1.5 lakhs.
UK is, of course, one of the most expensive places to visit, so it can cost a fortune.

However, if you haven't visited the UK once in a lifetime, you will definitely repent later. Don't see the London eye only on Television. Go today itself and see in reality!


*Guest Post.


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