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Soapstories India Chamomile and Cocoa Foaming grains Review

Cleansing grains, review, chamomile, cocoa

Cleansing grains are latest trends in skincare scenario. Why does this skin-friendly alternative to soaps become so popular? Because they are easy to use, kind to skin, and don't make your skin dry or flaky, stripping off natural oils from your skin. When combined with any liquid, cleansing grains become the wonderful way to get soft, fresh and clear skin. You can also use as face mask, when your skin will need some extra care.


Well, I've been using Soapstories India Chamomile and Cocoa Foaming grains almost for one month. Madhu, the pretty girl behind the brand, has sent me the product at the beginning of March. And I have made the most of this product during this period. I think, now it's the perfect time to give my honest opinion on this cleansing grains. Let's start then.



Cleansing grains, review, chamomile, cocoa


Soapstories India Chamomile and Cocoa Foaming grains:


Made with Chamomile,Calendula and Cacoa, this foaming cleanser gently cleanses and mildy exfoliates skin without disturbing the skin's natural oil balance. The gentle formula works naturally to rejuvenate the skin's appearance. Gentle enough to use daily. Wonderful for dry, sensitive and aging skin.




Kaolin clay, Oats, Coconut milk, Brown rice, Sodium Salt Ester of Coconut fatty acid, Chamomile and Calendula flowers, Raw Cocoa, Watermelon ext, Aloe Vera ext, Allantoin, Vanilla infused Watermelon Seed oil.


How to use:


Take a spoonful of the product on your palm and activate with a liquid of your choice to make a paste. Massage gently on your face in circular motion and rinse off. Can also be used as a face mask.



Cleansing grains, review, chamomile, cocoa

Price: INR 320 for 50 gm. Available here.


My Experience:


Using this foaming grains is a wonderful experience. I like how it has made my skin's appearance feel silky smooth and even toned. It's not at all abrasive and no red face or no harsh feel to my hyper sensitive skin. Nor my mature skin has experienced any dryness that you might have felt with some scrubs. You need a very small amount of the grains. So, the bottle can last for really a long time, even if you use every day.



Cleansing grains, review, chamomile, cocoa


The light brownish pink grains come in a clear glass bottle with a cork opening. Very compact packaging and easy to use. Please be sure to keep the delicate packaging at a safe place. That's why I don't get courage to carry this on my weekend trips. On my next trip (after the tough time will be over), I am going to transfer the product in a plastic bottle to carry with me.





As I have already used many products from soaps to cleansing grains from Soapstories India, I was sure that I would be going to love this as well. And, I love it! I love its lightweight formula, the sweet smell and obviously how it works on my skin. The product has a mixed scent of Cocoa and Coconut. That is not overpowering. So, sensitive skin girls have nothing to worry about.



Cleansing grains, review, chamomile, cocoa


This dry mixture needs a bit of a liquid (I use hydrosols), to make a thick paste. To make the smooth paste, I love to mix one spoon of the powder with hydrosols or aloe vera gel. It gives a muddy concoction due to Kaolin clay in it.


I gently apply to my face and neck, leave for 4-5 minutes. Then I rub with wet hand to form the velvety soft foam for 1 minute and wash off with water. When I use as a face mask, I leave it for 10 minutes. The paste can rinse off easily with water. After every wash, my skin feels soft, dewy and clean. I love its soothing and calming effect on my skin.


Cleansing grains, review, chamomile, cocoa


Overall, I love the gentle cleanser and also the moisturized and pampered feeling I get when using Chamomile and Cocoa Foaming grains from Soapstories India. So, again an amazing product created by a sweet person.



Have you ever used any product from Soapstories India? Let me know your thoughts at the comments.


Thanks for reading.


Love from Shreemayee.





*This product is PR/gifted to me, but all thoughts and opinions are honest, unbiased, and are based on my own experiences.


















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