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Nature In Focus: The Search for A New Light of Life

Enjoying the beauty of nature through my bedroom window, is my favorite pastime, nowadays. It would seem that I am not the only one doing this. This is the story of every city dweller. If you have a tour of social media, you can see that everyone is doing it in their own way. People are getting fascinated by the natural world. Maybe we're forced to, still, we really cherish the beauty of nature around us. It's definitely a new light of life.


save, Environment, Nature, planet Earth, eco-friendly

Can you ignore the necessity of engaging with nature for your own well-being? Actually this "stay at home" has offered us an amazing opportunity to enjoy nature with a relaxed mind. I feel so cheerful when I see people around me, realize the importance of nature when everything else is so tough and even uncertain.

save, Environment, Nature, planet Earth, eco-friendly


I spent my childhood with a pure and harmonious environment which is now a dream for our generation. We would wake up with the chirping of birds, inhaling fresh air. Now, walking along the city roads is becoming a nightmare with polluted air and filthy surroundings and consequent diseases like allergies, COPD (I have developed, though I didn't have in my childhood) and even cancer.



Among all the negativities around us, the best part is that Nature is healing and regenerating itself. We, human beings ignore it, hurt it by cutting trees randomly and pollute it by throwing rubbish all over the surrounding. Now, it's the perfect time to think and be sensible to Nature and the other species.

save, Environment, Nature, planet Earth, eco-friendly


When everything was normal, in your busy schedule, ever did you get time to watch the flowers bloom or relish the cool breeze? Ever you listened to the sweet call of a cuckoo welcoming spring? 



No, we didn't. We had to finish our target. We were all a part of the rat race. I always used to hear my sis screaming over telephone "Didi, Riju (her 7 years old son) has scored less percentage than Neel (the boy at her neighborhood)." I would be suppressed under a lot of copies to be checked and submitted. We were always running behind something that we even didn't know if we need or not. And we ended up with stress, anxiety, sleepless nights, depression.. maybe more dangerous consequences.


Now with the outbreak of COVD19 and the consequent lockdown, we have enough time in our hands. Coronavirus definitely has played the role of a dreadful villain, yet this villain has given us a chance to focus on our surroundings too. Can we now spare our valuable time to think about our environment? 

save, Environment, Nature, planet Earth, eco-friendly

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The pandemic has shown us how much can the continuous disrespect and pressure on Nature be harmful to mankind, for the socio-economic status. 

Let's have a look at what Andersen, executive director of the UN Environment Programme, said, "There are so many pressures ... on our natural system...We are intimately interconnected with nature, whether we like it or not. If we don’t take care of nature, we can’t take care of ourselves." 

So, the time has come to realize the importance of the natural world suppressed under the increasing urbanization, apathy towards the environment and our competitive attitude. We always think that nature would always be with us. We overlook its importance in our life and keep ourselves busy in our day-to-day activities. I didn't find any time to notice why I can't hear crows cawing or sparrows, parrots, pigeons roaming and chirping at the backyard?

We have taken for granted as it's free. Just forget about coronavirus and other deadly viruses like Ebola, Nipah and all as it's said by some researchers that those might be the cause of failing to take care of our planet. How could we disagree with the fact that regular contact with nature is linked to our mental health? This can result in less stress, better mood, deep sleep, reduced obesity and better health. 

Our too much negligence towards our planet can be the cause of the disruption in the balance of the environment. We have experienced so many natural disasters like earthquakes, floods, forest fires, tsunami, storms, tornados, volcano, heatwaves, and the list is too long. 

Coming to the latest Super Cyclone Amphan, the biggest Natural Calamity and its devastating impact on the people of Bengal, Odisha, and Bangladesh. Mostly the people living near the coastal areas have lost their everything and still, they're struggling to get their shelters, lands, and other belongings. 

save, Environment, Nature, planet Earth, eco-friendly

     Image source: Economic Times

According to some studies, the occurrence of such intense cyclones may be due to global warming and warm sea surface temperature. If the emission of greenhouse gases is not reduced, we can experience more such disasters coming the future.

How can you ignore the recent hike in temperature at Verkhoyansk? Last Saturday, the temperature there recorded 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit which is very rare in the Russian region. The temperature is 18 degrees higher than average in May (Source). This record-breaking jump in temperature may be due to man-made climate change. This unusual weather is really alarming.

save, Environment, Nature, planet Earth, eco-friendly

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CBS News meteorologist and climate specialist Jeff Berardelli said, "Due to heat trapping greenhouse gases that result from the burning of fossil fuels and feedback loops, the Arctic is warming at more than two times the average rate of the globe.... This phenomenon is known as Arctic Amplification, which is leading to the decline of sea ice, and in some cases snow cover, due to rapidly warming temperature."


Now, let me come to the main purpose of this topic. What next? What can we do to save our planet, to save us? Together we can take some honest, mindful steps to ensure the safe and happy planet. Yet, every step needs to start from you. If everyone of us takes the small initiative without criticizing others, we can gift ourselves and our future generations a green and healthy environment.

Thanks for reading.

Stay connected, coming soon with another topic with the steps we can take to save Nature.


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  1. That's a very interesting and thougtful post about environment. We should do something for our environment

  2. When we get closer to nature be it untouched wilderness or a backyard tree, we do our overstressed brains a favor. Great thoughts.

  3. I totally agree that we have interfered a lot in the cycles of nature. And this lockdown has warned us to stop doing that. I hope authorities will understand that before destroying any other forest for the sake of infrastructure.

  4. Agree that this period has bring us closer to the nature. And yes pollution has reduced to low levels. Yes we should take steps to preserve the nature earth

  5. This pandemic has bring us close to nature and teach us the importance of nature. You have written so well.