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Men's Dressing vs. Women's Dressing

I like to start this post with Tamil Proverb
"ஆள் பாதி, ஆடை பாதி"

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Where ever we go, we talk according to the situation.  Sometimes our tone will be low or some times higher it depends. Likewise dressing is also depending on the situation. Different dressing codes are there for different occasions like for party, wedding, official meet we use to wear formals. And for a family vacation, get-togethers we wear casuals.

Whatever is the occasion our dress should look very neat and clean without wrinkles, without stains, As our dress shows our personality and eligibility.

Clothes we wear

We use top branded and high-quality clothes which are made up of commonly used fabrics like cotton, linen, synthetic fibre, etc. As all know clothes protect us from heat, cold, rain and insects also. The season makes us wear different clothes accordingly and we always wear a dress which makes us feel physically ease and relaxed by which our confidence level increases.

Men’s Dressing vs. Women’s Dressing

Men’s have a few types of dresses and those are formals, casuals, dhothies, devotional dress, etc. Trousers and shirts make a man professional. When Jeans and T-Shirts show him trendy and enjoyable. The devotional dress shows their “bhakti” towards God and the list goes on.

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There are a lot of dresses for women some of them are sarees, half-sarees, churidars, midi, mini, and so on. Even women’s also have formals and casuals. Whatever is the attire women look professional, presentable and confident. Some of their attires show their devotional attitude.

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Clothes we wear must have these comforts

  • Breathable
  • Regulate the temperature.
  • Wear it for weeks without washing while travelling, which doesn’t smell.
  • If we wash it should dry fast and no ironing.

Now the question comes here “Is there any fabric which can give us these comforts?”

Yes, MERINO WOOL! Normally humans herding sheep and harvesting their wool and making sweaters and blankets which keeps us warm. But there is a fabric called “Merino Wool”. Which we get from Merino Sheep and this wool is highly prized which is originally from Spain and now we can find Modern Merino Sheep in Australia and New Zeeland.


  • Soft and lightweight
The traditional wool sweaters are very tick and feel you itchy. Whereas garments made up of merino wool are flows with your body movements which makes you feel very light.

  • Breathable
Normally our body produces heat and vapours. our clothes get wet and dirty smell comes. but with merino wool body heat passes through the space between fibre. The Merino Wool keeps you cool and free of moisture.

  • Naturally merino wool can absorb moisture. Merino Wool can absorb and evaporate sweat. This is called “wicking”. And fight against odour-causing bacteria and smells fresh. For weeks merino wool stays clean and scent-free if taken care properly.


For MEN’S – T-Shirts, Button-Down Shirts, Shots, Socks and Boxer Briefs.

For WOMEN'S – Clara Shirt Dress. Sofia Midi Dress, Brooklyn Wrap Dress, Laurel Belted Tunic, Rowena Swing Dress, Avery Tank Dress, Sierra Tank Dress, Fiona Fit and Flare Dress, etc.

Author: Chitra Pandi.

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  1. This is really a good post with so much info on Merino wool. I will certainly recommend this to my brother. And it also seems to be a good fabric to take on long trips where clothes becomes smelly. .

  2. When it comes to dressing, definitely women have more options than men. Nice to read about Merino wool and the garments made from it.

    1. Yes, that's true. We have so many beautiful options for dressing and styling.

  3. Such an informative post!! I was not aware about merino wool but after reading this I got do much info about this wool.

  4. Everyone wants to look great and stylish. I will definitely recommend this to my brother. Great thoughts.

  5. This is a very nice post. No matter what we wear, irrespective of gender, we should feel comfortable.

  6. Different and unique post to read. I was not aware of the merino wool glad I read it here and gained knowledge.
    Comfort is the first priority that one need to understand, glad to know about this wool and the fabric.

  7. I've read about outfits with merino wool but never knew about these qualities especially the sweat absorption. I will tell my friend to get a sweatshirt for me from Australia.

    1. Yes, it does what is the most beautiful fact about merino wool.