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Top 5 Vegetables to Boost Your Immune System.

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With the spread of #coronavirus, we are hearing a lot about how to protect ourselves safe and to take care if we fall ill. I have read in many articles from the experts talking about strong immune system, the body's ability to fight off the outside threats like, bacteria, viruses or other organisms or internal threats like cancer.



But, nowadays our immune system gets withered away by our typical modern, urban lifestyle. Stress, lack of exercise, unhealthy eating habits, pollution, lack of sleep are our enemies to prevent our bodies to protect us from sickness. And the same may be happened to this recent unknown yet dangerous enemy, COVID-19.


So, to support your immune system you can take immunity boosting food, besides other lifestyle measures. A healthy diet with fresh vegetables and fruits, whole grains, low-fat dairy is the best way to boost your immune system. Here, I am going to talk about some vegetables that are easy to find and every one can add them to their regular dishes.




1. Spinach:


Can you remember that Popeye, the sailor man? Ask the 90's kids. How much this green, leafy vegetable would become famous to them only because of this cartoon show.

This is an amazing veggie with nutrients packed components. When you're having spinach means that you are consuming a good source of Vitamins C, A and other antioxidants. This will naturally boost your immune system. You can have spinach in salads, juices or curries. It's suggested to cook light, so that it retains the nutrients.


2. Broccoli:


This superfood is one of the healthiest vegetables. Power-packed with Vitamins C, A and E and other antioxidants, fibers, broccoli inhibits various infections and strengthens the defense mechanisms of the body. To keep its nutrients intact, cook as little as possible, or not to cook at all. It will be better to consume it in your salads or smoothies.


3. Sweet Potatoes:


Being a top source of beta carotene, sweet potatoes act as the protective barrier to keep germs out of the body. Beta carotene is converted to Vitamin A which is an essential nutrient that we need for our immune system, healthy vision and skin. Baked sweet potatoes can be a yummy sweet dish.


4. Cabbage:

Don't forget this alrounder vegetable to include in your menu. Do you know, cabbage offers health benefits almost same as broccoli? It's versatile and is widely taken by people not because it contains Vitamin C, beta carotene and fibre, but cabbage is cheaper than broccoli and available all year round. Have it a number of ways! Steam it, make juice with it, slice it into soups and salads, roast it or boil with milk and honey and eat as a yummy substitute for rice kheer.



5. Carrot:

A host of various vital nutrients this sweet, crunchy and juicy veggie can give the essential nutrition to prevent us from getting sick. Loaded with beta carotene, fibre and other antioxidants, carrots not only help us building strong immune system, but protect us from various diseases too. They're good for eye health, skin and hair. Eat it raw, bake it or use it in vegetable stew. Do you know, if you have a raw carrot daily for two weeks, you can get rid of dark circles around the eyes?


It's true that eating these veggies will definitely improve your immune system and help you to fight infections or diseases. But you must keep in mind that healthy and hygienic lifestyle is more important than eating certain types of food. You can't expect that you are having a carrot or broccoli without washing your hands and you can prevent the infections.


So to be safe, wash your hands frequently, use masks when you have to go outside (only if it's very urgent, step out), stay at home, maintain social distance properly. Please remember that prevention is better than cure.



The necessary lifestyle measures you should follow:

  • Avoid smoking.
  • Get enough sleep.
  • Exercise regularly.
  • Stop or moderate your alcohol consumption.
  • Reduce stress.
  • Stay happy.
  • Take out few minutes from your day to pamper your skin.
  • Maintain a healthy weight.
  • Spend quality time with family.
  • Take proper care of the elders in your family.


Finally, make the most of this #QuarantineLife so that it can be the meaningful turning point in your life.


Thanks for reading.


Love from Shreemayee.

















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  1. I was not aware about sweet potatoes. Thank you for this post. Totally agree with you. Prevention is better than cure

  2. That’s the kind of pep talk i needed; sometimes despite knowing everything you need a reminder like your post to put in slight more effort & boost your immunity & healthy lifestyle

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    Noor Anand Chawla

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  6. That’s a informative post. I try eat most of the ones you listed in the post.

  7. Immunity is the basis of good health and has assumed more importance in the current times. All these vegetables are really great immunity boosters, and the best thing is all of them are easily available in our kitchens.

  8. Being a pure vegetarian we often cook these vegetables at home. Glad to know about its more benefits on health

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