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Kay Beauty Eye Stylist Liquid Eyeliner Grunge Raisin: Review and Swatches

Kay Beauty, liquid eyeliner, brown

I'm a working woman and I have to step out every day. I love kajals or eyeliners. I never step out without them. So, I was looking for a nice, affordable brown eyeliner that suits casual everyday look. So I opt for Kay Beauty liquid eyeliner: Grunge Raisin.


There was a time when I couldn't apply liquid eyeliners neatly on my upper eyelids. But, after lots of practice, I am now able to do it pretty well. Here's a suggestion for a beginner. Please don't try liquid ones first. Start with the gel liners as liquid eyeliners are runny. You need lots of practice, otherwise a single mistake may ruin the whole look. 


For quite a few months, I was looking for a brown eyeliner recommendations. You can't even imagine how difficult the search was. However, I found Kay Beauty liquid eyeliner Grunge Raisin on Nykaa. Immediately I picked this up. Just before lockdown, Nykaa delivered the product, but I couldn't feel like reviewing. Maybe I was very disappointed due to this pandemic and consequent lockdown. Now, I have learnt to adjust and gradually getting into normal life.


Well, let's talk about Kay Beauty Grunge Raisin. 


Liquid, eyeliner, Kay Beauty, brown


Why I purchased Kay Beauty Eye Stylist Liquid Eyeliner: Grunge Raisin


Last year, after Kay Beauty launched on Nykaa, I purchased Kay Beauty Matteinee lipstick, the shade The After Party. from the then launched 24 shades. It has made me so happy that my obvious choice was this liquid eyeliner from the same brand.



Secondly, it is formulated with cool Chamomile and Eucalyptus extracts. Chamomile is popular for its calming and soothing effects on skin when Eucalyptus not only soothes skin, but retains moisture too. All the Kay Beauty products are vegan, free from chemicals, and cruelty free.




About Kay Beauty Eye Stylist Liquid Eyeliner:


Kay Beauty Liquid Eyeliner is smudge proof, transfer proof and water-resistant eyeliner that defines your eyes beautifully. The rich formulation with cool Chamomile and Eucalyptus extract makes for a comfortable prolonged wear so your eyes remain refreshed and hydrated!
The unique flexi-tip applicator gives you plenty of grip to keep your hands sturdy so you can draw needle fine lines or bold flicks depending on your eye shape! Dramatic, defined eyes are just a stroke away!



Liquid eyeliner, Kay Beauty, brown

Reason to love?

  • Demi-Matte Finish
  • Water Resistant
  • Smudgeproof
  • Transferproof
  • Light Weight On The Eyes
  • High Intensity Colour
  • Defined Brush For Perfect Application


Price: INR 499. Now it's on 15% discount at Nykaa.


My Experience:


Kay Beauty liquid eyeliner comes in a cylindrical sleek tube packaging with a precise tip to give a perfect line. And you can control your brush to go where you want. It comes in 8 bright, nicely pigmented shades and all of them are to die for.



Eyeliner, liquid, makeup, review


I'm great fan of brown eyeliners as I think the black eyeliners does overemphasize my eyes. When brown ones give soft, casual look that's quite feminine. The shade Grunge Raisin is a dark brown shade that nicely helps to accentuate my brown eyes. It makes for a soft eye look while making your eyes appear wider.



Eyeliner, liquid, makeup, review


This is for the first time, as much I remember, I am using an eyeliner contains herbs extracts to take care of skin. It's really impressive!


Let me talk about the staying power that you might be eager to know. I have very oily eyelids. So, I was sceptical about how long it would stay. But, I find it miraculous when the eyeliner remains almost intact at the end of the day. It didn't smudge, inspite of the oil on my eyelids, even after a long, sweaty day in Kolkata.


Another good thing about this eyeliner is that the watery texture doesn't dry fast. You can get enough time to draw your required line. That's why it's a cool liquid eyeliner for the beginners.



This is by far my favourite liquid eyeliner and I want to buy other shades from the brand. Thanks to its nice colour and staying smudge-proof the whole day through sweat and oil. Whenever I am in a hurry and I don't want to go for any complicated eye makeup, I pick up this and draw a simple, glam look.


Eyeliner, liquid, makeup, review


Eyeliner liquid, makeup, review


I strongly recommend this to the beginners or those who are not so good at eye makeup like me.


Thanks for reading. Love to know about your favorite liquid eyeliner.





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