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VLCC De-tan Sunscreen Gel Crème SPF 50 PA+++|Review

If you are with me since the beginning, you know very well how much I am serious about using sunscreen. In multiple posts, I have talked about its benefits. Sunscreen is the most important product in everyone's skincare routine to get healthy and flawless skin.


Every morning I get up, take a shower, dressed up and wear a sunscreen, even when it's cloudy. I buy a lot as well. So, today I am going to talk about my recent one that I purchased from Nykaa Pink Friday sale, 2019. It was VLCC De-tan Sunscreen Gel Crème SPF 50 PA+++.


Sunscreen, gel, De-tan, glowing skin


Why did I purchase VLCC De-tan Sunscreen Gel Crème SPF 50 PA+++?


"A unique formulation, enriched with Carrot & Cucumber extracts, which delivers a powerful de-tanning action while protecting your skin from sun’s harmful UVA & UVB Rays. It effectively fades tan revealing brighter skin tone, helps fade dark patches leaving skin looking even, radiant & moisturised."



Sunscreen gel, De-tan glowing skin



How to Use:


1. Massage gently all over face, neck, hand & arms and other sun exposed body parts. 2. Best to be applied 15-20 minutes prior to stepping out in the sun. Reapply, in case of long duration sun exposure 3. Stay Protected with Broad Spectrum Sun Protection.


Key Ingredients:


Aloe Vera, Cucumber, Olive Oil, Saxifraga Extracts.


For full ingredients list refer to the picture here.


Sunscreen gel, De-tan, glowing skin


Price: INR 395 for 100g. Buy from here at discounted price.


My Experience:


What do I like to see in an SPF? It might contain zero or mild fragrance, should be lightweight and disappear in the skin completely. I don't like those leave white cast or sweat around my lips. Packaging should be convenient for frequent use and carry in my purse.



Sunscreen gel, De-tan, glowing skin


Let me see if this sun protection lotion does all these or not. My skin type is combination, hyper sensitive, and acne prone.




This is a light creamy textured gel that has a mild scent. So, a sensitive skin person may prefer it. The texture helps my combination skin a lot, especially during these hot summer days when I sweat a lot. The smooth, non-sticky cream doesn't sit on the skin and nor does it leave any white cast. Instead, to my amazement the formula blends into the skin easily, without making it oily, or sticky. You will not feel this on your skin. And, honestly I didn't expect this from a cream. I thought it would be heavy and greasy and that's why I started using in winter. It hasn't even caused any problem to my skin.



Sunscreen gel, De-tan, glowing skin



The lotion comes in a tube packaging with a flip flop top. This compact packaging has made it on-the-go product. I carry the tube everywhere from my school to my vacation. All you have to do is to open the cap, squeeze the required amount and apply a thin layer on your face and neck and you are ready to go. The packaging has all the information, like ingredients, directions, price, date and all.


Sunscreen gel, De-tan, glowing skin



After using for months in different climates I can say that it's really a good investment. I have used this during winter, even in the chilled weather at Kausani. I'm using now in hot summer days. It hasn't given me any suntan or red patches since I have used this. Nor does it make my skin dry. Instead I feel hydrated for long.



The brand claims that it enhances glow. It definitely gives an instant glow that stays for almost 5 hours. Does it really fades tan? Yesss bro! Two months back I went for a trip to Kausani and I got tanned. I didn't do any serious treatment to get rid of that. I just continued to apply this. After a week, I noticed this gel cream to reduce the tan. Overtime it's completely gone.


Sunscreen gel, De-tan, glowing skin



My elder son of 26 also uses it every day. His is oily and acne prone skin. He also feels comfortable and notices no acne after using for quite a long time. Instead his tan on forehead has vanished completely.


Overall, I am quite happy with VLCC De-tan Sunscreen Gel Crème SPF 50 PA+++. This broad spectrum sunscreen lotion can be used by men too. 


Let me know what is your favorite Sun protection lotion.


Thanks for reading.


Love from Shreemayee.





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