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Top 10 Tips to Deal Hair Loss in Men

Hair loss is becoming very common issue in people these days. Accept the fact, it's on the rise!



Your tresses express your personality and style. So, excessive hair loss may affect one's confidence or self-esteem. It may affect the entire lifestyle. Either women or men, for everyone it's very frustrating to realise how much hair is coming out every time they wash or comb through.



But, you may not be always worried about this, if the problem is not deeply rooted in your health issues. In that case, you should talk to a specialist doctor. Otherwise, there are some simple actions one can take to reduce hair loss and keep the scalp and hair healthy.



The following maybe the causes of hair loss:


Both men and women can experience hair loss. But it's very common in men (more than half of them are facing this issue). As they realise this, they start panicking. Most of them as I have seen in my personal experience, blame their family tree. Though it may be a cause for some, but there are a number of other possible reasons for hair loss and consequent baldness.





A family history is a very common cause of hair loss, specifically baldness in males. So, if you have any close relative balding, you are more likely to have this.The other causes may be genetics, some medications, hormonal changes, pollution, diet, stress, improper sleep, wearing helmet. 


Here are 10 easy tips to deal hair loss:



It's a natural lifestyle issue in most of the cases. So, don't worry about a few strands falling off every day. Just go through the following process and stay happy.



1. Ensure that your scalp and hair is clean. So wash your hair regularly with a mild, herbal shampoo. Thus, you can lower the risk of scalp infections and dandruff those may be the reason for thinning of your mane.

2. Eating balanced diet really work. Keep plenty of protein and iron in your daily dishes. Egg, spinach, fatty fish, avocado, nuts, are all you need for strong and healthy hair. You may not change the factors like, genetics or your age. But you can plan your diet.

3. Visit a doctor. It may be a medical conditions, like diabetes, thyroid, iron deficiency anaemia, scalp psoriasis and many more. If you have any of these, you must take an appointment with your doctor and get the treatment done.

4. Reduce stress. Your hectic schedule, target deadlines or any other personal issues may result in a stressful life. Do you know that may give you hair loss? Regular exercise, meditation, spending quality time with family, listening to music or socializing may solve your problem.

5. Getting enough sleep is essential. Insufficient sleep may affect directly or indirectly your health and hair growth. According to some studies, "sleep is important for protein synthesis of your hair, as well as proper release of growth hormone and other hormones."

6. Quit smoking. This is important for your overall well-being. But, it may cause hair loss as well. Smoking may have a negative impact on your circulation and as a result the follicles don't receive the blood for nourishment. Hair follicles need oxygen, nutrients and minerals for providing healthy scalp and hair. Then you can experience noticeable hair loss. Cigarette smoking may cause poor immune system which increases the chances of bacterial and fungal infections on the scalp. This can prevent healthy hair growth.

7. Scalp massage can be found effective. A 10 minutes scalp massage can stimulate the hair follicles. I go for weekly head massage with an oil mixture and it does exactly what I need. Not only I feel refreshed, but it helps with my hair loss. I suggest you to go to a professional massage therapist.


8. Oil your scalp and hair atleast once a week. Mix Coconut oil, Castor oil and Olive oilwith few drops of Rosemary and Peppermint essential oils and apply 30 minutes before your weekly head wash. Peppermint oil and Rosemary EssentialOils can help with hair growth and increase blood circulation on the scalp.

9. Sometimes certain medications lead to hair loss. If that's the case, don't stop the medication on your own. Consult the doctor if he/she can provide you some options.

10. Be gentle when you comb or style your hair. Rough or frequent combing is not good for your mane. If you want to color or use any chemicals for hair styling, take help from a professional. Also avoid wearing tight hats, taking hot showers, rubbing or combing wet hair.




Above are some lifestyle changes to prevent hair loss. These work well if you are in the first stage of hair loss or thinning. If you want some products specifically designed for men, I'd suggest you to have a look into Man Matters is a newly launched wellness brand to target the well-being of men.




Note: All these tips, I have shared here are from my personal experience. I'm not a doctor. So, if you don't find any results, please visit a doctor before the situation gets worsen. 



Thanks for reading. For any query or suggestions, feel free to comment here. I'm all ears to hear from you.


Love from Shreemayee.












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