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Review of WOW Skin Science Anti Pollution Sunscreen SPF 40

How much I invest on different costly anti aging products, as long I don't buy any good sunscreen lotion, I can't be happy with my purchase. Yes, that's true sunscreen lotion is something that makes my skin flawless, healthy and prevents the signs of aging. Today, I am talking about a sunscreen lotion from the brand WOW Skin Science. 


Sunscreen, anti-pollution, nourishing


Sunscreen, anti-pollution, Hydrating


WOW Anti Pollution Sunscreen Lotion is a broad spectrum, water resistant and longer lasting sunscreen with high sun protection factor (SPF) count of 40. It gives effective protection from skin damaging UVA and UVB sunrays to save the skin from darkening, pigmentation and signs of aging. Being water resistant it works for longer even if you have been sweating or swimming. Protect your skin from ravages of pollutants, smog, smoke, fuel exhaust and sun's rays with WOW Skin Science Anti Pollution Sunscreen SPF 40. It spreads smoothly and evenly to form a shield on your skin that stops pollution particles and sun rays from irritating, aging, pigmenting and darkening it.


Sunscreen, anti-pollution, Hydrating


WOW Anti Pollution Sunscreen Lotion too is 100% vegan/vegetarian, cruelty-free, and guaranteed free of parabens and mineral oils. It contains clinically proven and totally safe bioactive plant extracts for effective, broad spectrum and longer lasting sun protection.



The highly effective formulation of WOW Skin Science Anti Pollution Sunscreen has been powered with Alteromonas Ferment Extract from French Polynesian Sea Waters that contains natural polysaccharides clinically proven to dispel pollutant particles coming in contact with your skin. It also boosts skin's inner healing power to nullify free radicals and rejuvenate skin.


Sunscreen, anti-pollution, Hydrating



The sunscreen lotion comes in a sturdy plastic bottle with pump dispenser with all the relevant information printed on the bottle. It has a neither thick nor runny texture which is easy to apply and is absorbed into the skin in no time.

Price: INR 649 for 100 ml. 

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Sunscreen, anti-pollution, Hydrating

My Experience:

The sunscreen has an incredibly soft texture and a sweet fragrance that you will love for sure. It spreads easily on the face and also dries quickly. Once applied, there is no white cast to be seen on the face. This sunscreen does not leave your face sticky at all and is perfect for daily use. It doesn't cause any sensitivity to my super sensitive skin. I always get sceptical before using any new product if that product may cause any breakout to my acne prone skin. But, this sunscreen  didn't give me breakout or irritation and left my skin soft and very touchable. It sets quickly and works under makeup very well. The consistency is so good which I like because it makes it so easy to apply without tugging at your skin. It also sets pretty quickly, so you apply makeup over it.


Have you used this sunscreen or another product from this brand? Please share your feedback here.

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