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Review and Benefits of Skincarevilla Shop Cleansing Balms: Spirulina, Rose & Calendula.

Are you in cleansing balms? If not, I can give you many reasons to include them in your daily beauty ritual. A cleansing balm is not a mere cleanser like your regular water, or wipes or cleansing lotions. It cleanses or melts away your makeup, without stripping off the skin's natural moisture, especially when temperatures drop and it becomes harder to keep your skin hydrated.



Dry, flaky or parched skin is another vital reason to switch to the cleansing balms. They clean or give shine to the skin, providing effective care of your face. Another practical reason is there. If you are lazy like me, you can get a cleanser and night cream in one product. Apply, massage, wipe away and let the goodness act overnight and your skin will be seriously blessed. What a win-win solution!!



Cleansing balm, review, benefits,


Here I am going to share three such formulas from one of my favorite brands Skincarevilla Shop. These are her new launches and she has improved a lot in the formulations. Well, let's talk about Spirulina, Rose and Calendula Cleansing balms now.


Newly launched Cleansing Balms from Skincarevilla Shop:


The three balms are:

  • Spirulina Cleansing balm with Moringa Seed oil.
  • Rose Cleansing balm with Indian rose essential oil.
  • Calendula Cleansing balm with calendula essential oil.


"All the balms are oil cleansing balms and DO NOT emulsify with water. You need to wipe off the balm with a warm wash cloth/cotton pad/ crochet pad and follow up with a foaming cleanser."


[caption id="attachment_21285" align="alignnone" width="2000"]Cleansing balm, Spirulina Cleansing balm[/caption]


[caption id="attachment_21287" align="alignnone" width="1920"]Cleansing balm, review benefits Rose Cleansing balm[/caption]


[caption id="attachment_21286" align="alignnone" width="1920"]Cleansing balm, review benefits Calendula Cleansing balm[/caption]





Common ingredients in all them are:

Organic Sunflower Oil, Organic Safflower Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Shea butter, Soya Wax.


Other ingredients according to the variant of balm - Calendula Essential Oil, Rose petals powder, Rose Essential Oil, Spirulina, Moringa Seed Oil.



Price: INR 300 for 23 gms. To buy contact Skincarevilla Shop here.




All three come in reusable tiny glass container with screw cap. The packaging is quite handy and easy to carry along.


My experience:


The no fuss formulas have a thick waxy texture that immediately melts into silky oil as they come in contact with the skin. The light and gentle formula spreads evenly on the skin without any uncomfortable feel. Just perfect for my hyper sensitive, combination skin. As there is no added fragrance, if you are sensitive to strong scents like me, go for it without any hesitation.



Cleansing balm, review benefits



Every night, I spoon out (I always use wooden spoon) a pea size amount and apply on my face and neck. I keep it for 2 minutes, then spray hydrosol (you can spray plain water as well) and massage gently in a circular motion. As I rub, I can feel the balm melting makeup, oil and at the same time softening the skin. I wet a crochet pad/ muslin cloth and wipe away the balm gently. Then I wash my skin off with water and use the powder cleanser/face wash as second cleanser.


[caption id="attachment_21310" align="alignnone" width="2000"]Cleansing balm, review, benefits Crochet pads to remove[/caption]



Sometimes, I just wash off with water and go to bed without using the face wash. Those nights they work as a sleeping mask.



Afterwards, my skin feels soft, clean and fresh. I find impressive improvement in skin complexion every morning, especially when I use as a sleeping mask. My skin feels moisturized but not excessive oily. No breakout or red bumps occur. I tried on my son's oily, acne prone skin as well and have found the same effect.



There are very few products that make my skin clean without any tight feeling. I try a lot, but I really appreciate its gentle effectiveness. Although I loved the previous balms from the same brand but not at this level. Sonali has improved a lot.


Now let me tell you, which one out of these three, is my most favorite. My criteria for choosing the best is their multitasking properties, like cleansing, refreshing, hydrating and nourishing formula.



Cleansing balm, review, benefits


And my take is Rose Cleansing balm with Indian rose essential oil. Firstly, I liked the Spirulina balm for its cleansing, hydrating and nourishing formula. And I feel Calendula balm as 'so-so' type. Done all, but is not so satisfying.



Now, the Rose cleansing balm. Want to know what special quality I have found in it? It's awesome bro. It works as moisturizing cleanser, deeply hydrating and nourishing sleeping mask and a refreshing product that not only refreshes my skin, but my senses too. And so much so that it has the ability to reduce tan and any spots.


These balms are suitable for all skin types, even if you are on the oilier side. Leave skin clean and balanced. You can find that your skin is cleaner, softer and less stripped than your targeted oily skin cleansers. This is the best quality of all Skincarevilla Shop products. They remain gentle and light on skin. Even their oil also suits oily skin without leaving skin oily or greasy, and giving any breakout.


QOTD: Which is your favorite product from Skincarevilla Shop?


For any query feel free to ask me.


*P.R. sample but my review is based on my honest opinion.


Thanks for reading.


Love from Shreemayee. ♥️





























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