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Deyga Hair Butter: Review and the Best Uses.

During dry winter climate, the lack of moisture in air make our hair dry, brittle, frizzy and prone to breakage. It needs extra care and deep conditioning at least once a week. By adding hair butter into the hair regime, you can protect your mane from the environmental hazzards. As they contain all natural ingredients, they're safe and work on both scalp and hair strands, even if you have oily scalp and dry hair.



So, I have started using Deyga Hair Butter once a week to restore hydration, shine, and manageability. Let's talk about it now. My scalp is oily yet I have dry, frizzy and highlighted mane.


Hair butter, haircare, review, healthy scalp


Deyga Hair Butter:


  • Nourishes hair, scalp and promotes hair growth
  • Made using natural ingredients
  • Best for dry, lifeless hair and hair loss
  • Safe to use on artificially colored or permed hair

 • Raw  • Natural  • Vegan  • Paraben Free  • Fragrance free"




Hair butter, haircare review, healthy scalp


Deyga is a brand with a mission promoting 100% Natural and sustainable ingredients to make our skin healthy and flawless. They don't add any artificial fragrance so that the products remain safe for every skin type, including sensitive skin.


Hair butter, haircare, review, healthy scalp



What is a hair butter?


A hair butter is a blend of natural oils and unrefined butters. It has a form of solid butter to be applied on scalp and hair as the Pre-poo treatment. Due to its easy, universal application, natural ingredients and deep conditioning effect, hair butter is becoming popular among people. Actually, it should be in every beauty closet in the healthy hair journey.



Hair butter, haircare, review, healthy scalp



How to use:


As, it's solid, you have to heat it up by rubbing between your palms or by putting it into a hot water bowl. Then apply on your hair and scalp as you apply hair oils. After 30 minutes wash off with mild herbal shampoo.



Raw mango butter, Shea Butter, Virgin Coconut Oil, Castor oil, Ylang-ylang essential oil.


Haircare, review, healthy scalp


Price: ₹ 550 for 100 ml. Available here.





The thick creamy product comes in a sturdy tub with a black screw lid. You have to spoon out the product. All the necessary info about the butter and usage are printed on the tub. One can reuse the tub after finishing up the product. A compact and eco-friendly packaging.


Hair butter, haircare, review, healthy scalp


My Experience:



The hair butter is a weekly hydrating treatment without the weight. Perfectly nourishes, regenerates and improves the strength and health of scalp and hair.


Hair butter, haircare, review, healthy scalp



What I liked about the hair butter is that it is lightweight and very easy to apply. When I heard about a butter, the first word comes immediately in mind "greasy". But, to my surprise this thick creamy consistency is not greasy or excessive oily. The texture is surprisingly firm, yet smooth. It might be little thick for fine hairs. But if your fine hair desperately needs damage repair, it'll help you a lot. Whatever your hair texture, you need a very small amount for the pre-poo. So, a little goes long.


Hair butter haircare, review, healthy scalp


The ingredients are very well-balanced and give an immediate difference on my hair, leaving it soft and silky. After washing off with the shampoo, my hair strands becomes much less frizzy and controllable enough. It is perfect for treating my hair strands, those are color-treated. 




How can I forget to tell about it's fragrance? It's fabulous. It has a sweet yet mild scent of coconut oil. The smell is not at all overpowering, but soothing. If you are sensitive to strong scents, will love for sure.






Overall, I am quite happy with the outcome of Deyga Hair Butter. This is the first product I have used from the brand. And it has won my heart. It's suggested not to use much product. You will end up with sticky feel. One and half teaspoons are enough for medium length hair.


*P.R sample but my review is based on my personal experience.


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