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Deyga Face Pack: Rose and Mulethi: Review and Uses to get Healthy Skin.

Being a skincare addict I always love to use face packs weekly beside my regular CTM routine. It gives me a sense of being in a spa at the comfort of my home. I like the toned and soft feeling after washing off a good face mask. They are easy to apply, fun to use and are great for keeping the skin healthy and hydrated. 


Today I am going to share my experience about such a face pack from Deyga. You might have already read my take about their Hair butter. Now, let me talk about Deyga Face Pack Rose and Mulethi. 


Face Pack, Brightening, rejuvenating, skin



Deyga Face Pack Rose and Mulethi:


This skin lightener is a perfect treat for dull and dry skin, leaving it rejuvenated and bright. 


Suitable for all skin types.



Face Pack, Brightening, rejuvenating, skin





Native rose grains, Mulethi, Oat meal and skin cherishing essential oils.


Face Pack Brightening, rejuvenating, skin




Take the required amount of the powder and add toner/milk to the powder to make a smooth paste. Apply a thick layer on the skin and wash off after 15 minutes.


Face Pack, Brightening, rejuvenating, skin


Price: INR 490 for 200g. Available here



The powder comes in a glass jar with screw cap. You have to take out the product with the help of a spoon. It's always better to use wooden spoon. I always recommend to use clean and dry spoon. All the info is provided on the jar. If the brand would have provided the names of the essential oils, I would have been happier.



My Experience:


This fine powder can be used as a cleanser as well. Just mix with any liquid (hydrosols/rose water or any floral water or milk) and apply on your face and neck. When mixed with the liquid, it forms a gentle paste. You have to add enough liquid to apply the product smoothly, otherwise you will end up with all messed up. For smoother application I'll recommend to activate with milk. 



Face Pack, Brightening, rejuvenating, skin


Before proceeding further, I must mention about its smell. When I open the lid, I can smell the roses in it. It is so pure and refreshing that you will immediately feel energized. The scent is very mild, so the sensitive nose can tolerate it easily.


Face Pack Brightening, rejuvenating, skin



I have already used it almost 4-5 times, both as a mask and as a cleanser. If you are frequent on my blog, you might be knowing how much I love powder cleansers and oat meal is the most favorite ingredient in them. That's why as the brand asked me to select products from their range, the first choice was this.


Well, let me tell you how this face pack works on my skin. I had a great expectations of its result and it didn't disappoint me. It does exactly what the brand claims.


[caption id="attachment_21354" align="alignnone" width="1920"]Face Pack, Brightening, rejuvenating, skin Added hydrosol to activate the powder[/caption]



[caption id="attachment_21371" align="alignnone" width="2161"]Face Pack, Brightening, rejuvenating, skin Added milk to get this thick creamy consistency[/caption]


I prefer to use this as my evening skincare. The first time I used it as a mask, washed off and applied my regular products. I woke up with glowing skin. After second application, it reduced my tan, the gift from the recent sports day celebration in my school. And after washing off I don't feel any dryness or tight feeling on my face. Did I say it also works great on oily T-zone? If you have excessive oily skin and you are tired of your pale complexion, it's yours then! 


[caption id="attachment_21355" align="alignnone" width="1200"]Face Pack, Brightening, rejuvenating, skin The glow after[/caption]


The second picture I have taken just after washing off the pack. Nothing is applied, not even a moisturizer.



Overall I am happy with the results I'm seeing on my skin after using Deyga Face Pack Rose and Mulethi. If you want a healthy glow on your skin even in winter, grab this now. Your skin will accept this well, whatever your skin type is. I suggest to mix few drops of honey to the paste if you have very dry skin. 


For any query about the product and usage, feel free to ask me. 


Love from Shreemayee.


*P.R. sample but my review is based on my personal experience.













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