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10 Best Moisturizers for Healthy Skin in India|Shreemayeesdiary

"Skin is a beautiful thing, wear it well."


Your skin is the largest organ, take proper care of it, you will not regret. There are simple steps to keep your skin healthy and vibrant. Applying a good moisturizer is one of them. It helps to lock down skin's natural moisture. After cleansing your skin may feel dry and uncomfortable. Then a moisturizer comes in rescue.


Moisturizers come in different formulas with different cocktails of ingredients. It may be a cream or a lotion targeting different skin issues like dryness, fine lines or wrinkles, acne. Choosing the right formula for your skin type or issue is the best way to get the maximum benefits for you. So, I have tried to compile a list of best moisturizers to help you to choose the right one.


10 Best Creams for daily use:


1. Simple Kind to Skin Replenishing Rich Moisturizer:


Moisturizers top 10, healthy, skin


Carefully blended with skin-loving ingredients, this moisturizer instantly doubles your skin's hydration leaving it silky and nourished all day. Enriched with Pro-vitamin B5 and Bisabolol the product helps to replenish, soothe, and moisturize without any greasy feel. Best suited for normal to combination and sensitive skin. Read the full story here.


2.Plum Green Tea Mattifying Moisturizer:


Moisturizers top 10, healthy, skin


This is just the light moisturizer that oily skin types had been looking for. Enriched with hand-picked, non-comedogenic ingredients, like Glycolic Acid, Green tea extracts this matte finish formula provides controlled hydration, non-shiny matte finish, acts against acne formation process. It gives a fresh and clear complexion. Buy here.



3. VLCC's Honey Moisturizer:


Moisturizers top 10, healthy, skin


Enriched with oils of Almond, Olive and Jojoba, Honey, Vitamin E etc. this product is specially formulated for dry, flaky skin. It helps moisturize and hydrate the dry skin for longer, provides anti-aging support and improves skin complexion, making it glow. Buy here.


4. Fiducia Botanicals Hemp & Rose Otto Facial Lotion:


Moisturizers top 10, healthy, skin


Made with hemp seeds oil, black cumin seeds oil and pure hydrosols of rose otto and tea tree, this lightweight lotion is ideal for oily and acne prone skin. It helps in repleneshing lost moisture, and prevents farther acne and soothes inflammation due to it being rich in linoleic acid. As, it's non-comedogenic, the lotion doesn't clog pores. Licorice and Hibiscus extracts in it, helps in lightening of acne scars. Buy here.


5. Greenie Mill Sea Buckthorn Ashwagandha and Hibiscus Moisturizer:



Moisturizers top 10, healthy, skin


This nourishing and anti-aging formula is a blend of all natural ingredients. Ashwagandha and Hibiscus nourishes the skin while the blend of carrier oils keeps skin soft and moisturized. Buy here.

Click here to read the full story.


6. Mamaearth Anti-pollution Daily Face Cream:


Moisturizers top 10, healthy, skin


This unique lightweight cream offers tough protection from pollution and UV rays while being gentle on the skin. The non-greasy formula forms a shield to protect against dirt, pollution and the sun. Enriched with soothing turmeric extract and nourishing carrot extract, it keeps your skin calm and nourished. Suitable for all skin types. Buy here



7. Vya Naturals Vitamin C Moisturizer with Vitamin E- Brightening, Anti-aging formula:


Moisturizers, top 10, healthy skin


This moisturizer contains a blend of the best ingredients to deliver Antioxidant benefits to the skin. It also helps reduce pigmentation, appearance of wrinkles and fine lines for smoother, radiant looking skin. Provides intense hydration without making the skin greasy. Create a regimen by layering on top of your cleanser, toner and serum to achieve a youthful and even toned skin. Suitable for all skin types. Buy here.


8. Biotique Bio Morning Nectar:


Moisturizers, top 20, healthy, skin


This lightening and nourishing lotion is blended with pure honey, wheatgerm and seaweed. It sinks into skin to replace natural oils and replenish lost moisture for a noticeably fresher, fairer complexion. Suitable for all skin types.  Its nourishing and hydrating actions provide a pleasant soothing feeling, without leaving any greasy film. Buy here.


9. Soultree Tulsi and Sandalwood Moisturizing Gel:


Moisturizers, top 10, healthy skin


This non oily gel, controls skin breakouts, tightens facial pores, soothes skin inflammation, hydrates the skin without clogging the pores, reduces blemishes. This traditional Ayurvedic formula helps in controlling excess oil production (Sebum) while providing hydration and moisture to your face. Additional ingredients include Olive and Jojoba Oil that are combined with organic Honey to form a light, non-oily, nourishing base. Aromatic Sandalwood and Aloe Vera calm the skin and reduce redness. Potent herbs such as Lodhra, Tulsi and Neem control acne by purifying and tightening pores. Buy here.


10. Forest Essentials Hydrating Facial Moisturiser Sandalwood & Orange Peel:


Moisturizer, top 10 healthy, skin


Easily absorbed, this unique light formulation with SPF 25 provides essential nutrients, helps in restoring natural hydration and protects skin from the harmful effects of the sun. The antioxidant, moisturizing and healing properties of Basil, Ashwagandha and Barley Protein help to reduce the harmful effects of free radicals. Buy here.


Hope this will help you to choose the perfect moisturizer for your skin. Let me know which one from the list is your take.



Thanks for reading.


Love from Shreemayee.


* Image source: Respective Brands.


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  1. Mamaearth apple cider vinegar moisturizer is great too.