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Nykaa Wanderlust Sicilian Sweet Pea Body Milk|Review and Benefits.

Using body lotions is a very important part of any skincare ritual. It not only hydrates or nourishes your skin, but protects from harmful sun rays. I often see that the skin nourishing process ends at neck (for some at face only). But your whole body needs moisturizer to get youthful complexion. And the easiest way to get this is to slather on a luscious body lotion on the dry parts of your skin.


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Being a skincare freak, my beauty shopping always ends at a body lotion or body butter. So, on my recent Nykaa Pink Friday Sale, I picked up a body milk from Nykaa Wanderlust range. That is Nykaa Wanderlust Sicilian Sweet Pea Body Milk. Let's talk about my experience about the product now.


Why I purchased Nykaa Wanderlust Sicilian Sweet Pea Body Milk:


Firstly, I never used any product from Nykaa Beauty. And what could be more intriguing than their new range of Wanderlust? Secondly I have heard many raving about their Wanderlust range. This entire range is specifically designed to enhance your bath & moisturising game. I picked up the body milk to get my winter skincare sorted. And also how could I ignore this attractive packaging?


Body Milk, spray, Nykaa skincare


The Product Description:


Nykaa Wanderlust Bath & Body Collection, bottles up all your travel experiences with fragrances that still linger at the back of you head. Lets revisit those lands and fill your heart with memories with our floral fragrances and treat your skin to the comfort and well-being it deserves!


"Just a few sprays of our refreshing body milk are enough to make your skin and senses feel heavenly. Green Tea leaf extracts and FCO shields your skin against harmful UV rays promoting healthier looking skin."


Body Milk, spray, Nykaa skincare



How to use:


Hold 2-3 inches away from your skin and spray all over your body. Quickly massage with light hands to absorb the product instantly.






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Price: INR 450 for 200 ml. But you can get it at discounted price. Buy here.




The product comes in a sturdy plastic bottle with spray dispenser. Such a unique packaging. I never use any body milk with spray dispenser. It becomes very convenient to pour the runny product on my palm/body. Very handy and user friendly packaging. It gives a little more control than the regular body lotions with pump dispenser when comes to application.



Body Milk spray, Nykaa, skincare


My Review:


This is a nice spray lotion for those who hate to use body lotions. You may give this lightweight, non-greasy formula a go. You will love it. The easily absorbing texture is a bit runny and very easy to apply. It gives a smooth finish on skin and you will feel that you are not wearing any lotion at all. I'm willing to use it in summer too. The time of the year when even a lightweight moisturizer may feel a oil stick.


Body Milk spray, Nykaa, skincare


The spray lotion makes the skin soft, rather sitting on the surface. I use it twice, in the morning just after shower and before bed. It's a simple, no fuss way to get soft, and moisturized skin. Just spray, swipe and rub and you are done. Moisturizing is never been so easy bro! It goes on thin and absorbs super quickly. The formula can hydrate dry, flaky and itchy skin so well and stays for a long time. If you don't use it twice, you don't feel any dryness in your skin. Sometimes I skip using at night, but don't feel any dryness or tight feeling.


Overall I am happy with the product and I am definitely repurchase this. As it's free from all chemicals, added fragrance, it's suitable for sensitive skin too. Nykaa has a huge range of Wanderlust collection. You can choose any from them.


Thanks for reading.


Love from Shreemayee.


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