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How to Achieve A Dewy Skin In Winter with some Simple Steps

You may not be blessed with dewy, a.k.a. 'glass' skin. But, you can achieve it. Do you know the beautiful skin might have some imperfections? Well, to me dewy skin means healthy, radiant, youthful complexion with less imperfections. So, let's concentrate on skin health and that needs proper ritual. To aquire this you need not to spend much time and money. Make self care a habit. I know your family, work and commitments keep you busy. But, if you look good, you will be more happy and that makes you put more effort in your daily life.

How to Achieve Dewy Look:

Proper skincare ritual and some lifestyle changes work here. With some simple steps, you will get the luminous skin in no time. Here are the ways through which you are on your way to get the dewy skin even in the coldest winter days. These easy-to-follow steps are applicable to every one, no matter what's your skin type.

Dewy, skin, skincare, makeup hacks

1. Cleansing:

This is the first and most important step from the start of your routine. Cleanse properly twice a day. In the morning, I prefer a powder cleanser or a good handmade soap to wash my skin off. But at night I always go for double cleansing. Whether you have oily,dry or mixed skin double cleansing will leave your skin soft, supple and healthy. It includes two types of cleansers. Start with an oil-based cleanser to remove makeup and sunscreen. While in the second step, wash off with a water-based cleanser to pull out all pollutants, dirt and impurities. Read the details here. Whatever cleanser you will choose, might be hydrating enough to retain moisture in the skin.

Dewy, skin, skincare, makeup hacks

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2. Toner:

Go for a hydrating toner to maintain optimal hydration. I always appreciate the toners those are not only hydrating but contain herbal and botanical extracts including aloe vera, rose, chamomile, witch hazel extracts and hyaluronic acid. These can refresh our skin and balance the pH level, keeping it soft, bright and healthy.

Dewy, skin, skincare makeup, hacks

3. Exfoliate:

Healthy skin needs this step once or twice a week. This helps to buff away the dead skin cells from the outer layer of the skin. I always suggest a hydrating exfoliator with Jojoba beads, oats, flaxseed, coffee and salt to reveal the brighter complexion.

4. Serum:

Do you know a serum can do miracle if you can choose the right one? A serum not only prevents dryness, but provides hydration, radiance and makes the skin soft and supple. If you want to have intense hydration, pick up the serum containing Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid, and Aloe vera.

Dewy, skin, skincare makeup, hacks

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5. Sunscreen:

The most important step in your daily beauty ritual. A sunscreen ( at least SPF 30 and PA±++) not only protects from harmful UV rays, but will help you to get youthful, radiant and dewy finish. Apply an SPF every morning, whether you stay indoors or outdoors or it's a sunny or cloudy day. I often see that people skip a sunscreen if they stay indoors or it's a rainy or winter season. Don't do that anymore, if you want a healthy and happy skin.

6. Face Masks:

A skincare must to obtain a glowing complexion. Use a face mask that is gentle on skin, once a week. Believe me, a face mask can change the entire appearance of the skin. When you select a face mask, keep in mind that it should contain some hydrating, soothing, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. You can make one at home too.

6. Hydrating Moisturizer:

For ideal skincare routine, applying a moisturizer twice a day is one of the most prominent steps. I recommend picking up one that sinks right into the skin, doesn't feel heavy or greasy on the skin yet highly moisturizing. Here also you can grab a moisturizer with hyaluronic acid to get long-lasting, intense hydration.

7. Face Oil:

Face oils can help you to get your way towards dazzling skin. They can do wonders for any skin issues, irrespective of skin types. Our skin naturally produces oils to keep our skin hydrated. Face oils just help them to do that more efficiently, if applied correctly. This is actually the last step in your ritual. A face oil may protect your skin from environmental pollutants, sun rays, and lock in moisture, promoting a healthy glow. Did I say you can apply your foundation smoothly if you use 2-3 drops of oil beforehand?

Dewy Skin, face, oil

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Some make-up hacks to dazzle:

If you get through these easy to follow steps, surely you will be glowing like anything.

  1. When your skin is prepped for the makeup, first pick up an illuminating face primer that hydrates and nourishes the skin. This first step will buff away the pores giving you a matte look.
  2. Now, it's the time for a foundation. Pick up one that may act more as a hydrating moisturizer. Don't take too much, so that it doesn't look like a layer. And I have already told you to apply a few drops of face oil before.
  3. Highlighter will give you the extra glow. Apply to emphasize it on the high points of the face, like tops of cheekbones, tips of the nose etc. You can mix the highlighter with the foundation or apply to give the finishing touches.
  4. Concealer is a must try step. Apply to hide your under eye dark circles and all imperfections. Also apply on the bridge and tip of the nose and centre of the forehead.
  5. After setting up the makeup with powders spray a face mist to lock in the moisture and maintain the glow.

Dewy skin, skincare, makeup, hacks

What do you do to make your skin radiant? I'm all ears to get some tips from you.

Thanks for reading.

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