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Abhayanga Snana: Benefits and My Experience |ft Adia-Handmade Pampering

Abhayanga snana, herbal, skincare, ritual

A radiant complexion never goes out of fashion. It demands some time and dedication. May you have an instant glow with your make up but long lasting glow can be achieved only by serious commitment. For that you don't need to spend much of your hard earned money. You have to pick up the right products and you can win the game. Today I am going to talk about such products I have recently purchased from a Facebook store Adia - Handmade Pampering


From Adia - Handmade Pampering, I purchased " Diwali Combo" for Abhayanga Snana (also known as holy bath) that includes Herbal Abhayanga oil, Herbal Ubtan, and Kesar Chandan soap.


Abhayanga Snana, benefits, skincare, ritual


What is Abhayanga Snana:


"Diwali is one of the most auspicious festivals of India, & 'Abhyanga snana' is an important rituals followed for 5 days of the festival. The references are found in Ramayana, where after returning to Ayodhya from Lanka, Rama was treated with Shahi i.e Royal Abhyanga snana.
Abhyanga snana literally means applying/massaging scented & medicated oil and then bathing with ubtan to remove the oiliness. According to Ayurveda, Diwali marks the onset of Hemant Ritu( early winters). In this season , the skin is naturally prone to dryness, so to give extra nourishment & pampering , this ritual must be grafted.
The scented abhyanga oil, helps to relax the muscles, exfoliates and the sesame oil deeply nourishes the skin & medicated ubtan ; made from all scented herbs like gulab , kachora, chandan, Tulsi etc helps remove the extra oil without drying and thus rejuvenates the skin making it's soft and fresh.
There are so many traditional as well as customised recipes of ubtan, but the bottom line remains the pamper oneself with something special to celebrate the festival!"


So, not only for Diwali, but for coming dry months one needs this ritual to get healthy and radiant skin. I've switched to this ritual and after using for around 10 days I can say that the routine is working very well and I can see significant improvement in the state of my skin. Let's dive into the details of the products in the combo.


1. Kesar Chandan Soap:


As a handmade soap hoarder I buy a lot. But two or three soap brands make me happy. One of them is this. Enriched with Papaya, Cucumber and Almond butter, this soap provides good nourishment, cleanses, moisturizes, and leaves the skin soft throughout the day.


Abhayanga Snana, Handmade, soap


The soap is soft textured and creates soft, creamy lather. Acts as a great cleanser to pull out pollutants and impurities though doesn't make the skin dry. It soothes the skin leaving it fresh, clear and hydrated. The good thing is that it removes tan.


2. Herbal Abhayanga Oil:


Abhayanga or Ayurvedic daily massage oil is a luxurious massage ritual to get relaxed and refreshed. This warm oil massage can take at least 15 minutes from you but, may give you a rejuvenated and recharged body and mind. You will be geared up for the peak performance throughout the day. This ritual can be able to dissolve the toxins and stress your body and mind gather from the outside environment.



Abhayanga Snana, benefits, ritual



Enriched with Sesame oil medicated with the herbs like haldi, chandan, manjishtha, triphala, kesar etc. and almond oil, fragrance oils, this oil gives you a spa like feel at the cozy corner of your home.


3. Herbal Ubtan:


Ubtan is a gentle, exfoliating agent to give you a clearer and brighter skin. This traditionally made product has nagarmotha, chandan, rose, tulsi, kesar to deeply cleanses, exfoliates and nourishes the skin.


Abhayanga Snana benefits, ritual


Price: INR 260/ the whole combo though I have bought before Diwali at a discounted price for INR 200. Seperately Soap: INR 100, Oil and Ubtan: INR 80 each. Available here


How do I use the combo:


I have included this ritual in my daily morning shower routine. First, I take a bowl with warm water and place the oil in it. As it gets comfortably warm, I start the self massage. It takes around 15 minutes. After 20 to 30 minutes I apply the Ubtan and take bath. To activate the Ubtan powder, I add milk and/or rose water. Use plenty of liquid to make the soft and smooth paste. At the bath thrice a week I apply the soap after washing off the Ubtan. And I am done!


Abhayanga Snana benefits, ritual


My Experience:


When I received the package, the first thing attracted me is the fragrance. Whenever I open up the containers my room gets filled with the heavenly fragrance. That pure and sweet fragrance immediately recharged my senses and I get refreshed.


After using for quite a while I have fallen for it. The whole ritual is a great healing practice, especially for these dry months. Not only I have seen a great improvement in my skin complexion, but it has ensured a deep, relaxed sleep. And I wake up with a healthy and balanced body and mind. So, I strongly recommend to incorporate this regime not only for Diwali, but for the whole dry season.


Have you ever gone for Abhayanga Snana? How do you feel about this Ritual?



Thanks for reading.


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