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Top 5 Reasons to Incorporate Handmade Soaps in my Every Day Beauty Ritual

There are 5 reasons why I love natural handmade soaps. These may be a bit costly. But you must remember that those cheap, harsh soaps, seen in the markets, are there to create huge damage to that biggest organ,.. your skin.


The store- bought soaps are nothing but the cocktail of the nasties harmful to our skin. I would prefer to call them detergents instead. They are manufactured by combining, heating and drying chemicals (including petroleum). Those chemicals are then mixed with various other ingredients to form the final bar of soap.



Handmade soaps are made of all natural ingredients borrowed from Mother Nature. These don't contain any detergent additives to create the lather. Instead the soapmakers use Glycerin to make creamy, gentle, non stripping lather. Nor any chemicals are added to make them hard. They are packed with different fatty oils, natural butters and essential oils, salts, clays etc. Hence, these soaps can provide essential antioxidants, vitamins and nutrients. Thus they keep our skin hydrated, nourished and replenished.


Handmade, soaps, love
Soapstories India pink clay soap


5 Reasons to use Handmade Soaps:



Goodness of Glycerin:

The most important ingredient in a handmade soap is Glycerin. This natural by- product of commercial soaps is a highly moisturizing ingredient that calms and soothes our skin. This natural humectant attracts moisture in the air to the skin and thus keeps our skin moisturized and hydrated for a long time. It can treat some skin conditions like psoriasis or dermatitis.


Environment friendly:

These soaps are made with plant based butters, oils and therapeutic essential oils. All of them are biodegradable and environment friendly. Sometimes formulators use salts, clays, botanical extracts collected straight from the earth. So they don't harm the environment, when their lather goes down your washroom drain. Not only that the soapmakers also bring them in the market with minimal packaging.


Skin Safe:

If you want to get healthier skin, you have to switch to the handmade soaps. Because of the ingredients used in them, these products become safe for skin, especially for hyper sensitive skin. You know, they're safe for children too. Handmade soaps naturally moisturize the skin, keeping your skin soft. And, what's good for you that you can customize as per your requirement. If you are sensitive to any ingredient you can ask the formulator to change or replace that very ingredient. Such as, you're sensitive to Sandalwood oil and you want to buy one that contains sandalwood oil. Your soap craftsperson will remove it from the product.


Locally Grown:

Another special reason to buy handmade soaps. Many of the ingredients used are locally grown. Thus the ingredients remains fresh and may provide ultimate benefits to your skin. Not only that buying these soaps you can help local farmers too. Some formulators grow the ingredients in their own backyards.


They don't contain any artificial fragrances and colorants:


Most of the soaps are scented with essential oils like lavender, sandalwood, rosemary, lemongrass, peppermint, vetiver and all. These essential oils not only create smell, but they provide benefits to body and soul. The formulators love to make their products colorful. For this they use herbs, organic pigments and natural clays.



My favorite handmade soaps:


I am a handmade soap hoarder. And I buy a lot of stuff. Though I can't say that I love all of them. But some are so good that I have no other choice but to use like an obsession. Let's talk about them.


The Good Routine Soaps:


I have used some of them and love them. From their range, I have picked up for you Mystic Stream French Clay & Lavender soap. This soap contains French Clay that draws impurities out of your skin and Lavender essential oil to soothe your senses. It has given me a well moisturized and nourished skin. My skin feels soft rather than dried up after washing.


To read the whole story click here.


Handmade, soaps, love
The Good Routine French clay and Lavender soap

You can buy from here.


Luxury Essentials Soaps:

Another favorite brand of mine. I love Camel Milk & Almond Exfoliating Soap from this brand. This exfoliating soap contains Camel Milk and Almond as its key ingredients, giving you smoother, younger and radiant skin.


Read the details here.

Handmade, soaps, love
Camel Milk & Almond Exfoliating Soap


Buy this soap here.


FuschiaVKare Arjuna Bark natural handmade soap:


This is my first ever handmade soap. The Arjuna Bark, as a powerful anti-oxidant is good for skin. It’s astringent properties, prevents acne. So, it can be said that the soap is good for them who are badly suffering from body acne. It had made my skin really soft and shiny.


Read the details here.



Handmade, soap, love
FuschiaVKare Arjuna Bark natural soap

You can buy it here.


SoulPure Soaps, Handcrafted With Love.


Another brand for wonderful Natural products. I've used many soaps from their range. All did make me happy. All the soaps from SoulPure are natural, chemical free, mild, nourishing and 100% handmade rich in natural glycerin. In their products, the ingredients are used very much known to us. We can see them in our kitchens daily. They use the ingredients like, coconut oil, olive oil, sunflower oil, castor oil, rice bran oil, yogurt, some fruits and vegetable pulps like tomato puree, carrot puree, yogurt etc.


Click here to read the details.


Handmade Soaps, love
Tomato and Basil soap


Visit here to buy.


Diya Naturals Soaps:


Their soaps feel gentle on the skin. Works great as skin cleanser and exfoliator. They have left my skin soft and clean without any dryness. They give decent, creamy lather and wash off without stripping off natural oils from the skin. Each of them is a perfect skin food from nature. I use them on my face too as the second step cleanser.


Read the deets here.


Handmade soaps, love


Buy them here.


Soapstories India Soaps:


Most favorite brand of mine. I think I have used almost all soaps from them. I really appreciate how their soaps play their roles with efficacy. I love the feel of the lather and how nice it leaves my skin. They provide fresh and clean feeling to the skin after each wash. And I have got happier and more moisturized skin.


Click here to know more about these luxurious soaps.

Handmade, Soaps, love
Beautiful Ombre layered soap


Handmade soaps, love
Almond Milk Soap.


This Almond Milk soap is my recent purchase from Soapstories India. Here is the details of this beauty.


To buy these soaps visit here.


Don't you think using these colorful yet skin loving Natural products are real fun to use? Which is your favorite brand?


Thanks for reading.


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