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Trip to Coorg from Bangalore (Via Train)

Have you ever wondered how much distance is 1 km, may be not right as in our busy schedules we often do not realize such small things, You would definitely notice the distance if you are a runner or stay in metro cities, specially Bangalore owing to its poor Infrastructure ๐Ÿ˜Š. The plus point of Bangalore is its climate which is still awesome even after the affects of Global warming and that’s the reason many settle here.

So why did I mention about distance when the topic is about Coorg. It’s because we don’t enjoy traffic during vacation and found a way to avoid it. We planned for Coorg Vacation ~ 300km but crossing Mysore would itself is painful as it takes 4-5 hours and it’s not only the time it takes a lot of mental pressure as well. In order to avoid traffic, we decided on Train journey to Mysore and booked a self-drive car from Mysore.


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When the trip to Coorg started:


Booked train at 8 am (GOLGUMBAZ EXP) From Bangalore and it takes 3 hours to reach Mysore and from Mysore we had booked Revv Car to Coorg for 2 days. On return we booked SHATABDI EXP which is at 2.15 pm from Mysore and would reach by 4.15 pm. This would be perfect for planning 2 nights and three days’ vacation from Bangalore. Plus point of this plan is you can visit, Coorg, Wayanad, Ooty with this train schedule as most of the places are around 150 km from Mysore.

On the day of journey, we reached the station, had breakfast and waited for train. As the train was coming from Soalpur, it was 30 minutes late (there was one more train at 7 am, as we were traveling with kids and parents, it was not possible for us to meet the timing, so we chose 8 am). We reached Mysore at 11.40 am. Revv was very prompt in handing over the car to us and they were very professional. We had out lunch at A2B which is at walkable distance from railway station and started our journey to COORG.

Travelling to Coorg during Rainy season (mild rains) is wonderful. We can see several small waterfalls throughout the journey and the lush greenery throughout the roads is worth experiencing.

Since the time of my elder sons birth we have been booking mostly Homestays for obvious reasons and this time we wanted to experience Airbnb. We Booked Coorg Riverside Bethri for our stay. Riverside had two cottages within their property and as we travelled with Parents and two children, we had booked both of them. We were the only family along with the owners in the estate and it gave us so much privacy.


Trip, Coorg,


It’s a very beautiful estate full of greenery, with so many plants, Fresh Air and huge open space which was plus point for us as my two kids were happy running around and we had some time for ourselves as they play.

We often do not visit more than two places for sightseeing and take mindful time off and spend time in the resorts doing nothing. Mind you doing nothing is challenging in this social media world.

The only place which we visited during our stay in Coorg is visit Talacauvery, which was believed to be birth place for River cauvery. But surprisingly there was no river in and around the place. Checked with many who have come to the temple and apparently no one is aware. It’s good to know about history and significance of the places we visit right?  If any of you know the significance, please do share.

I guess everyone plan for their retirement in a peaceful place, at least we do. When we first met the couple, they look to be in mid-50’s. When we talked to them, they said they had two kids and one stay outside of India and other stay in Pune. They run Airbnb so that they get to meet people and spend some time with humanity. They do have a lot of social circle, as most of the estate are family owned but they don’t look very happy. They said its very boring for them there and they need to travel a lot for getting basic stuff. This is their story. This proves the point Grass is always green on the other side.

The best part of the vacation are:

-          Train journey and avoiding stress full drive to Mysore

-          Took 2 days completely off mobile (yes I did it, may be forced to do as they were no signals out there, But it gives so much peace)

-          Since we travelled with parents, me and my husband could take a walk in rain. Yes we walked for 40 minutes in rain and it feels awesome

-          Played with kids and spent mindful time with them

-          Lots f fresh air for 2 days

-          No worries about food as they provided Breakfast and Dinner on demand. For mothers if food issue is solved everyone are happy.

Let me know in the comments how you plan and enjoy your vacation


Author: Sreeraghavi

Sreeraghavi is a chemical engineer by profession. Passionate about fitness, DIY and exploring the world of cold processed soaps and natural skincare formulation using natural ingredients and colorants. You can find her creations here.




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  1. Last year September me main husband n beti Coorg gaye thy, bitiya banglore me job karti hai to plan hua ki ghum kar aatey hain
    Hum Airavat bus se gaye thy, home stay hi liya tha, humara experience bahut hi accha raha, humne bahut ghuma, per last year land slide ki wajah se 2 points close tha, wahi nahi dekha ๐Ÿ˜Š

  2. Really a beautiful place. We went there when my son stayed at Mysore.

  3. Ruby.precious2369_August 21, 2019 at 11:44 PM

    My dad and sister went there few months ago by train they had very wonderful experience I wish I cud have joined them ๐Ÿคจ but there's always a next time will visit someday.

  4. I really love Coorg! Something about the coffee-scented air which is just tantalising! @simansara4 on Instagram.