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Amla pulp Powder and Hibiscus flower powder DIY face mask |ft Puremie Skincare

I love face masks, whatever the form it can be. Whether, it's in clay form, or splash form or DIY. DIY mask is in the top of the list of my favorite masks. Today, I am going to share a DIY mask using only 3 ingredients, Hibiscus, Amla and Aloe vera.


You know well how much I love to use DIY cleansers and masks for my skin and hair. That's why I always look for some organic ingredients. On my search on Instagram, I came across a page Puremie Skincare selling organic ingredients through DIY kits. And I ordered August DIY kit at once. In the kit I received Amla pulp powder, Hibiscus flower powder, Ayurvedic Bath powder, Aloe vera, Vetiver and Cucumber hydrosols.


What I like about Puremie Box, the multitasking ingredients they have provided. All the ingredients can be used both for skin and hair. You can use them as cleansers or face masks and hair masks to get healthy skin and hair. Puremie also give you the chance to customize the kit as per your requirement. Isn't it a deal??

Mask, amla, hibiscus, skincare

Price: INR 900.


DM them to get yours.


Today I am going to share one of my DIY face mask mixing three ingredients from the kit. They are Amla pulp powder and Hibiscus flower powder. Let's talk about it.


Mask, hibiscus, amla, skincare


Benefits of the ingredients:

  • Amla pulp powder is known for its anti-aging benefits. It prevents your skin from ageing by reducing wrinkles and lines. Heals acne and reduces acne scars and any scars or blemishes. It works as an exfoliator.
  • Hibiscus flower powder being a wonder ingredient purifies skin, increases skin elasticity, fights the aging process by firming and lifting the skin. It's exfoliating quality helps to speed up cell turnover, resulting in a more even looking skin tone.


Amla pulp powder and Hibiscus flower powder Mask:


Hibiscus flower powder is my all-time favorite ingredient regarding my everyday skincare and haircare. Hibiscus works wonder, you know. Because of its magical anti-aging power, it's called Botox Plant. To be honest, Amla pulp powder is that I am using for the first time.


I have taken equal parts of Amla pulp powder and Hibiscus flower powder. Then, mixed them with Aloe vera liquid to make the soft, smooth paste.


Hibiscus, Amla, Skincare, mask

How to use the mask:


If you use as cleanser, apply the mask on your face, keep for 3-4 minutes and wash off after rubbing for 1 minute with soft, light stroke.

As a mask, apply on your face after cleansing. Keep for 15 minutes and wash off with plain water.


Mask, amla, Hibiscus,



Benefits of The Mask:


Using regularly, this mask can give you a fresh, clear and younger looking skin. It works effectively on your age spots, or the spots caused by pollution and sun damage. If you're worried of your acne breakouts, use this to get healed, this mask is yours.


Hope you like the DIY. If you use this mask and get benefitted, share your feedback here in the comments. For any queries feel free to ask me.


Thanks for reading.


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