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Khadi, The Symbol of Cool And Eco-friendly Heritage of India

India, fashion, designer eco-friendly

Khadi, being the new eco-friendly fashion statement, is set to become the next big fashion find in India and in the global fashion scenario as well. Being the mixture of ethical and ethnic, Khadi cotton fabric is used to create 'cool' fashion quotient with variety of Indian attires like formal or casual kurtas, salwar kameez, designer sarees, tops, shirts and many more. And, thus, Khadi, the symbol of India's freedom struggle has made its way in the fashion circuits to our day-to-day life.

India, fashion, designer eco-friendly

The History of Khadi

Khadi was brought into the mainstream Indian wear by Gandhiji in his Swadeshi Movement against colonisation. The movement was aimed to boycott foreign goods and hence to improve the Indian economy. Once a part of the uprising movement, now Khadi has become the most stylish and in vogue handloom fabrics. 

India, fashion, designer eco-friendly

"Khadi is meant for everyone. Even a depraved man, a sinner, a drunkard, a gambler, anybody, can wear it. But the sacred quality of khadi is that it is a symbol of freedom. Those who wish to live in free India ought to wear khadi."

- M. K. Gandhi

Khadi, the elegant yet designer attire:

Being derived from the word 'Khaddar', Khadi is the perfect fabric for India's tropical climate, keeping us cool in sunny summer and warm in chilly winter. It can thus be worn any time of the year, irrespective of the climate conditions. Moreover, this truly Indian fabric gives a comfortable and classy look. The magic of Khadi fabric lies in the fact that the Khadi garments, especially the kurtas, are extremely well suited for women with different body types. Everyone, be the urban chic or a middle-aged woman, either a homemaker or a boss lady can wear them. Khadi, the humble handspun fabric has made its space in contemporary as well as in most fashionable wardrobe.

India, fashion, designer eco-friendly

The Celebrities and Designers to promote Khadi:

Renowned designers like Sabyasachi Mukherjee, Rohit Bal, Ritu Kumar, Amit Arora, Arjun Singh and many more have been working persistently in initiating and promoting Khadi not only in our country but in the global fashion market too. Actors Sonam Kapoor, Salman Khan, Chitrangada Singh walked the ramp to promote Khadi, the icon of  Swadeshi Movement. Indian government also is organising events and seminars to promote not only in Indian market but in international markets too.

India, fashion, designer eco-friendly

Khadi, the eco-friendly fashion:

When the global fashion industry is talking about being eco-friendly, in India also designers, businessmen, entrepreneurs and celebrities are becoming increasingly concerned about this. There many websites available for khadi shirts online shopping in India. This hand-spun fabric is eco-friendly with zero carbon footprint. 

Khadi in India Now:

There was a time when Khadi fabric was dyed in earthy colours, but now the designers are making it more with striking colours like lime green, baby pink, orange, turquoise blue, violet to make it more acceptable to the young generation. Not only in colours, but they are showing their innovative ideas on cuts too.  And this has made it appealing to millennial generation.  The designers find this fabric has a great potential to stay here and can be worn by every generation.

Fashion tips

India, fashion, designer, eco-friendly

 You can style your Khadi kurta with palazzo, or skirts or even with a pair of jeans. To give it an elegant Indian look wear Afghani earrings or colourful jhumkas. A scarf will be an added style quotient. For footwear, you can opt for any ethnic like Jaipuri jutti, Kolhapuri chappals or any of Punjabi ethnic footwear.

Do you wear khadi kurtas? How do you like to style it? I'm all ear to hear from you.


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  3. Ruby.precious2369_August 21, 2019 at 11:56 PM

    I have a khadi kurti and I pair it with salwar,skirt and jeans too it looks amazing 😊

  4. Yes, this is the fact with khadi kurtas. It can be stylized numerous ways.

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