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How to Remove Age Spots Naturally

Age spots, natural remedies, hacks

Black and Brown age spots are now common among people of 30 and above age group. This maybe due to frequent sun exposer, pollution or an unbalanced lifestyle. Whatever is the reason, we are not happy with these patches. And that’s why I have started searching for effective homemade solutions for removing age spots.

I have tried many home remedies on me and my mom’s face to check whether it is effective or not. And guess what? I finally got the remedy that works for everyone. So, let's check the natural ways to remove age spots.

You can find many products in the market claiming for 100% result. Some of them are really effective but the drawback is the high price rate and chemical side effects.

Why spend lots of money, if you can get a result at your home. And that’s even without any side effect?  Yes, it is possible! I am sharing one of my personal Secret Recipe for Age spots, dark spots, and pigmentation. This DIY gives amazing result if applied properly and on regular basis.

The Way for Removing Age Spots Naturally:

My remedy is kinda face pack that removes spots and make your skin glowing. It is suitable for almost all skin types. And you can apply this pack even if you don’t have age spot problem.

This preparation removes patches, spots, acne, and pigmentation problem. You’re getting a “One Stop Solution” for almost all types of skin problems.

Age spots, natural remedies, hacks


For making the Magical age spot removal face pack you’ll need only two main Ingredients that is Honey (get here) and Turmeric powder ( get here).

Optional Ingredients: You can use Coffee, Ginger juice and lemon Juice for better result.


  • Take a pan and heat it for a few minutes
  • Put tbsp. turmeric powder on it (you can take as your need)
  • Heat the turmeric powder and stir it using a spoon
  • Let it get burned and turn almost black
  • Now Take a small bowl
  • Put the turmeric powder in it
  • Add honey to make a paste-like consistency
  • There is no limit of adding honey, just add as you need
  • Now apply directly to the skin
  • You can apply this mix all over your skin
  • Make sure it is not too hot, the warm mix will work the best

You can apply this mix to all over your face and neck. Turmeric will help reduce patches, dark spots and also fight acne. You’ll get naturally glowing skin instantly.

Dry, Damaged or Sensitive skin type

If your skin is highly sensitive, dry or damaged, this is perfect for you. Apply and leave it for 15-20 minutes. Then wash it off using cold water and pat dry. You can also give your skin an Ice-cube massage.

Apply at least 3 days a week to see the desired result. Changes will be visible only after a week application.

Oily or combination skin type

If your skin is normal, oily or even combination type, you can add Ginger and lemon juice to the mix. Lemon juice will help to remove dirt and greasiness from the skin. And also helps to remove dead skin cells.

Add Coffee along with the lemon and ginger juice, for highly oily skin. Coffee exfoliates and brightens your skin. Make sure you are not adding too much lemon and ginger juice. Just add 5-6 drops of lemon juice and 3-5 drops of ginger juice (if using 1tbsp. turmeric powder).


Please make sure you are not allergic to any of the given ingredients. It will always be a better option to do a patch test before final application. Although there is almost zero possibility of side effects, you can always be sure.

We are using all-natural ingredients. Even after that if you feel irritation or burning, apply the mix after dilution by mixing more honey to it.

Light irritation is normal if you are using lemon ginger juice (due to its acidic nature).

Do age spots go away?

Yes, age spots fade and even you can remove them permanently. But honest speaking it will not go away by its own. Yeah, it may seem lightens in the winter as there is less sun exposer.

But the condition will be worse again in the summers. If you really want to get rid of the problem, put some extra efforts. Take time for yourself, eat healthy, live healthy and apply healthy face packs.

Only washing your face and applying skin whitening creams is not enough to remove the spots that appear with aging. Apply this natural face pack and remove age spots naturally at home.

What I love about this face pack?

All the ingredients are all-natural and organic. Easily available in the kitchen, you don’t have to go the market. Easy to make, you can roast the turmeric powder and store it for further use.

It is as good as a charcoal face mask, Removes blemishes and gives instant beautiful glowing skin. You just have to take out 15 minutes for the DIY treatment.

It reduces age spots, wrinkles, acne, patches, pigmentation, and many more skin problems. Isn’t it enough to love this DIY face mask? Try this remedy for only a week and you’ll start loving it too.

Who can apply this? 

There is no age limit, every age group can use this. Only thing I want to suggest that if you are below 15 and are not suffering from any skin problem, please try to apply the basic diluted one. Just apply roasted turmeric powder with honey. It will be a great face pack for you. And it will prevent your skin from acne, patches and skin disease like eczema.  

This pack is best for the person above 30years. As after 30, our skin starts developing aging signs and dark patches. It becomes crucial to take special care of your skin.

Add this face pack into your skincare routine and get flawless glowing skin.

Final words: 

Hey beauties, this is all about my secret Age spot removal remedy. Hope you got the exact piece of information that you are looking for. Do share your experience with us. Feel free to comment on your queries, experiences, and suggestions.

Guest Post:


  • Shipra Chatterjee 

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  1. Ruby.precious2369_August 21, 2019 at 11:54 PM

    Great tips 👍

  2. I am 63 and I have age spots on my face. I have been using Dermalmd Skin Lightening Serum for a week and can see an improvement. It is a small improvement right now, but I have high hopes that they will become even lighter as the days go on.