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5 Tips to look trendy with the elegance of fashion

5 Tips to look trendy with the elegance of fashion

"FASHION" is not just a word, but it is a "MANIA"  which is driving the present-day youth crazy. As Bill Cunningham said, “Fashion is the armour to survive the reality of everyday life”. Fashion plays a very crucial role in an individual's life because it is considered as a means of self-expression.on the other hand it directly reflects a person's attitude.

In Indian Colleges, most of the students are very much influenced by western culture. We can say that the impact of fashion was so much on teenagers, that they keep emulating all the new trends that roll out in the fashion world. Earlier fashion is confined to girls but now it has become more of guys' cup of tea. Most of the young boys and girls are keep tracking of all the latest designs in Watches, Goggles, Shoes and many more.

Nowadays the trend of fashion has been viewed in college students. The biggest dilemmas for most of us face during college life is "what to wear". There are many online websites running different pages which consist of all the fashion tips required for male students. They are a few online websites who focus on inexpensive and stylish ways to dress well in college. Also, there are various kinds of fashion magazines which provide information about the latest designs and styles and stuff used. They also give information about fashion trends according to seasons. And coming to TV shows broadcast in India and all over the world speak about different fashion trends followed in different parts of the world. Cinema is also a very important aspect where youth keep following the dressing and hairstyles of the lead roles and they try to reflect them in their real life. Social media also play an important role in the fashion world. It gives information about all the new fashion trends. Youth also inspire each other by posting their new designs through pictures.

Fashion isn't just dressing, it is equally about your footwear, accessories and also the way you set your hair as well. These websites are very much use that they act as a fashion guide. Keeping these tips in mind can help you get set for your college life.

Fashion trends keep changing and most fashion divas and models are the one to make them. Fashion is mostly of Mix, match, and create new ensembles with the same old bundle of clothes. In India, fashion has become a growing industry with international events such as the India Fashion Week and annual shows by fashion designers in the major cities of India. Also, this fashion shows and beauty pageants are being organised in colleges with names such as Mr.Handsome, Mr.fresher, Mr.Trendy and so on. In corporate offices also your fashion-conscious reflect your status. So that people usually try to socialize more with fashion icons and divas in work areas. Not only youth but also middle-aged people are also keeping a track on fashion trends because they don't want them to call as outdated people. Fashion is a thing where we just can't blindly follow all the trends but we have to make sure which one suits you best. Let's discuss a few fashion tips for Indian students which help you to look more fashionable; if you are a student then must try these five fashion tips for Indian college students to create a new fashion trend. 

The Tips to Look Trendy:

  • Update your fashion with Latest Colours:

Everyone who desires to be stylish should keep updated with the colours which create a new trend in the market. By following few blogs & instagram profiles of fashion designers will keep you more updated about colours than what you imagine. A new trend has been created in college party themes which revolve around "Instagram fashion trends". To create a trend in fashion to be updated with the latest colours in the market.

  •  Be simple & still be Trendy:

One of the best fashion tips for boys and girls is Dressing up heavies makes you too complicated and feel bad to yourself. When you are in college, then you should choose a few sets of clothes that which makes you easy to carry out, feels comfortable to wear and also can make your trendy too. Pick up moderate clothes like simple shirts and basic jeans that which matches for yourself. Sometimes being simple makes you look smart than comparing with all the wearing all kinds of accessories.

  • Dress well within your budget:

Yup! What you read was absolutely right. You can dress well without spending lots of money on your clothing. There are plenty of options for clothing on offline and online clothing stores like vintage offline stores and non-branded Instagram stores, which helps you shop fabulous clothes within your budget. Be smart enough, while shopping your clothes and manage your budget. There are so many people who look stylish in cheaper clothes than those who dress up all the branded clothes. 

  • Basic skin and hair care:

One thing that most of the students use to ignore is taking basic care of their hair and skin that which plays a crucial role in having healthy skin. Of course, all the students are busy with studies, but you should spend a little time to take care of your hair and skin. Start using some good face wash, shampoo and body wash that which is useful for your skin and spend some quality time in your weekends by taking extra care of your skin and hair. Taking basic care will help to have a long life to your skin and hair too. 

  • Read tips for latest fashion:

Fashion can be seen everywhere, not only on the college campus but also in blogs, journals and magazines too. To follow the best styles, go through your college library and read about some of the latest fashions in the market. If it is not possible then the best that everyone is internet, go through fashion blogs and gain plenty of knowledge regarding latest fashion and be updated with them. 

To be updated with the latest fashion, go through website which guides you to be updated with the latest fashion tips online, advice regarding fashion and many more.

* Guest post. All views are of the writer.

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