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Things you need to know when travelling with children!




Travelling with kids or travelling alone is different! One can travel alone even without much advance planning. Can eat and sleep accordingly. But if you're travelling with children, at whatever age, you really need to pull up your socks. I must say spontaneity is a far- fetched word. It does require a proper budget, planning, keeping things in advance, booking the right place and the list goes on. Travelling with family is a great way to bond yourself with each other. And it can definitely be made memorable if planned right. So, if you’re planning a travel trip with your children then don't miss these points before you step out of your house.



Right planning:


A beach holiday or hills? Of course, there are myriad option to look for. But it's important to check if kids really like to spend their holidays there? It shouldn't be repetitive in terms of location or the type of place. Try to take their views and if it can be worked out. Beaches might be too hot or Hills might be freezing cold. Do check the weather which shouldn't be taxing your travel.




People do like tracking. Spending unlimited time in walking around and exploring nature. Even I do but it cant be possible when you travel with children. Too much of walking in nature might make them tired and they won't be able to enjoy nature or the much-awaited family vacation. Wherever you go, make sure they walk limited so that they can use their energies on other tasks.


Be realistic, don't over plan:


It happened many times when I made a lot of plans but it all failed. It's difficult to execute every plan you make when you’re with children and we have to go by them. There could be multiple reasons like lack of sleep, change of food and weather. So, be easy on yourself and try to enjoy whatever comes your way!


Budget, expectations, preference:


I must say the budget is a major factor to plan any vacation and rest everything is secondary. Vacation if planned in advance can fetch you good deals on hotels and flights. Last moment rush could get heavy on your pocket and not necessarily worth spending. So, it's imperative to plan well ahead of vacations or on whenever you are planning to. Do check the multiple options available to get the best out of it and this is possible when you have time to look into.


Pack smart:


Packing is as important as other things while you travel. No need to carry each and everything when you leave for vacations. Pack smartly and keep things as per their emergency or location. Make separate compartments for each stuff so that you don't need to struggle to find out important stuff. Keep some books and toys handy as they might need it while they travel in between or during bedtime. Don't miss to pack some handy snack or any comfort food which can be used in between.


Pick a kids friendly location:


You might love peaceful locations in the laps of nature but children might feel bored after some time. They do need a place where they can have multiple options to play and roam around. So, never miss to check out the places around where you plan to stay and they should be easily approachable.




Most of the children are less on immunity. With the change of weather, they might fall sick or might get some sort of allergy. Medicines are one of the most important to keep it with you. Not every place can have medical shops or doctors available all the time. It's better to keep those medicines as SOS basis can help you at any point of time.


Board games/ Books:


Children might get tired early. If you 've planned an entire day full of activities or site seeing then its quite possible that they might be down in their energy in the evening and want to take rest in their room. Engaging them with board games and books are a good idea. Limiting screen time is the best option for detox.


Sunscreen/caps/umbrellas/comfort footwear:


If you’re travelling to beaches or mountains, scorching sun is everywhere. Don't forget to carry sunscreens, caps and umbrellas. Keep some extra pairs of cotton clothes for children. Sometimes they don't feel comfortable in fancy clothing or weather rashes might be another reason.


Travelling with children is fun loving and a good time to bond with the family. One can always make it memorable if planned in the right way. Holidays are to charge up yourself and making unlimited memories.


*Guest Post.

Author: Ekta Shah, a freelance writer and a blogger.






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