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Review of WILD Matcha Foaming Mud| ft Blendedbotanica

My mornings start with drinking tea, matcha masking and reading newspaper!!! You know, this really works. Eager to hear more about matcha masking? Today, I am going to share with you one of my fave AM cleanser WILD Matcha foaming mud from Blendedbotanica.


Foaming, Face Wash, powder, matcha



WILD Matcha Foaming Mud:

"Wild- Matcha Foaming Mud is a powder to foam treatment cleanser with Japanese Matcha. This milky cleanser will cleanse your face thoroughly while nourishing & healing your skin. The green powder will turn into a silky foam on coming in contact with water. Massaging this smooth foam gently on the skin is a calming ritual. This cleansing treatment contains chlorophyll & antioxidants rich Japanese Matcha to detoxify the skin, Coconut Milk & Oats to nourish the skin, natural source of Niacinamide-Moringa Leaves to renew complexion, Kaolin clay to deeply cleanse the pores, Vitamin C rich Camu Camu to even skin tone and a blend of spices to prevent acne and heal skin."


Foaming, Face Wash, powder




Organic Japanese matcha green tea, Coconut milk, fatty acid derived from Coconut oil, Organic oats, Kaolin clay, Organic camu camu, Organic Moringa leaves, Organic nutmeg, Organic Lakadong turmeric, Organic Cinnamon.


Foaming, Face Wash, powder



 How to use:

Take one TSP of WILD on your palm and add water/hydrosol (I use rose or rosemary hydrosol from @blenditrawbeauty) drop by drop to get the desired consistency. Massage this potion on your face gently for 2-3 minutes. Leave for 10 minutes and rinse.


Foaming, Face Wash, powder


Price: ₹ 750/50g.

Available here.




The moss green coloured powder comes in a amber coloured glass jar with black screw lid a protective lid is provided. All the necessary info is printed on the outer part of the jar.



Foaming, Face Wash, powder


What's my take:


Andddd, my morning starts right. This mask when you add water, gives silky smooth foam. More the water, the more you get foam..


Foaming, Face Wash, powder




I keep this for 10 minutes and immediately I feel cool and it releases the heat and fatigue from the skin. The first thing you will love is its sweet smell. Not only the skin, my senses also feel refreshed after using this. It clears off dirt and excess oil so well, leaving the skin perfectly moisturized, clear and more luminosity.

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