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Some Useful DIY Cleansers and Scrub Using Oats

Let's start removing chemical laden beauty products and beat the winter dryness and other skin issues with natural home remedies. For me it's quite a fun including DIY method in my beauty journey. It's been a steady journey to go for toxin free, healthy ingredients from my pantry to my skin and hair. Here, I am going to share with you one ingredient that I use every day to get relief from all the skin issues.



And this ingredient is Oat meal. I use oats in powdered form. Oats is considered as the saviour for dry, itchy and irritated skin. It may also restore skin's pH balance. Being a humectant, oat helps your skin retain moisture and when used with other hydrating ingredients it gives your skin a healthy dewy finish. A sensitive skin can use oats without any irritation and redness.




So, let's share some easy, yet effective cleansers and scrubs, the ingredients for which you can easily get on your kitchen shelf. Don't worry you don't have to burn your purse to buy those ingredients.



Cleanser and Scrub Using Oats:

Before using oats in your DIY product grind oats and use. It'll be easy to mix and apply.


Oats and Honey Cleanser:


Take two tsp ground oats and one tsp each of honey and aloe vera gel to form a soft paste. You don't need to add water to the paste.




Apply this paste on your face and neck, keep it for a couple of minutes and then rub softly in circular motion before washing it off with water.




Benefits of using this cleanser:

I use this cleanser everyday to cleanse my skin thoroughly, as well as to get my skin proper nourishment, fight acne and reduce blemishes and scars. If you want to use it as a mask, you have to keep the mask for 10 minutes and wash off.




Oats and Flower petals cleanser:


Take one tsp each of ground oats, kaolin clay (optional), rose or hibiscus petals powder (whichever you can find easily), and milk powder. Make a soft paste using enough water (you can replace water with any hydrosol or aloe vera gel).




Apply the paste on your face and neck, keep for two minutes and rub softly in circular motion for one minute. Then, wash off with water.







Benefits of this cleanser:

This cleanser will cleanse your skin deeply, as well as nourish and give a fresh look to your skin leaving a soft glow on your skin.


Oats and Cocoa Scrub:


Take one tsp of ground Oats, Cocoa powder and Honey. Make a soft paste with enough water so that the paste doesn't irritate your skin.




Apply the paste on your face and neck and keep it for two minutes. Then wash off with water after rubbing for one minute. Don't rub harshly to avoid any irritation and skin damage.








Benefits of the scrub:

The scrub deeply cleanse your skin, improves your complexion, opens up clogged pores, leaving you relaxed and rejuvenated.


So, enjoy! 


I'll be happy if you use these DIY recipe and give me your feedback.


Thanks for reading.


Shreemayee Chattopadhyay.

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  1. As a dry skin person, oats mera bhi favorite skin food hai, main isko, kabhi curd, honey, rose petals, turmeric ye sab mix karke lagati hu, kabhi sirf milk me soak karke bhi, body k liye salt bhi mix karti hu

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