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Review of Grennie Mill Vitamin C Buffing mask.

Powder cleansers are taking the beauty market in full pace -- for good reasons. Though certainly not new, powder cleansers are actually borrowed from historic beauty practices. What’s even better? They can be found at nearly every price point. They gently exfoliate your skin as they cleanse, fit well in both carry-ons and gym bags and you can play with different powder cleansers from your closet. And as you know I am just crazy about them.


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Today, I'm going to review a powder cleanser, Vitamin C Buffing Grain from a newly launched brand Greenie Mill.


Vitamin C Buffing Grain:

As the brand says: "Made with vitamin C rich fruits like strawberry, orange along with Ascorbic acid Aka Vitamin C, this cleanser just makes your skin glowing. This cleanser is nothing less than a vitamin C shot for your skin."



Oats, rice, Strawberry, orange, ascorbic acid(Vitamin C), aloe vera.

Price: ₹ 245 for 50g.

Available here..


How to use:

Scoop out the required amount of the cleansing grains and then make a paste with your favourite hydrosol or with warm water. Now massage this all over your face and neck gently in circular motion. Rinse it off after 2 to 3 minutes. Follow it up with your toner and moisturizer.



The light orange colored powder comes into a sturdy jar with a screw lid. What I like about the packaging, it's not only user-friendly, but the brand has provided all the info about the ingredients and all, on the outer part of the jar.


My Experience:

I have been using this fine and gentle cleanser for almost two weeks and as I use it twice daily, I have finished almost half of the jar. I make a smooth paste mixing with hydrosol, leave it for 2 minutes, and wash off after rubbing with soft touch for 1 minute. The cleanser gives a cooling splash of freshness when I rinse.


What I think amazing about powder cleansers that one can customize the cleanser of how much water you mix in — less water makes a stronger scrub and more water allows a gentler exfoliation, especially for the sensitive skin. I use more water to make a gentle and smooth one as my sensitive skin demands.


It gives a deep cleansing experience to remove my extra impurities. And I use this as post-makeup remover too. And Greenie Mill Vitamin C Buffing mask does its job quite well, leaving my skin super clean and refreshed. Yes removes makeup too. When I started using the cleanser, I had 2-3 puss filled bumps beside my nose. I used it and rinsed off. OMG! I discovered the bumps to reduce much and no puss I did see. After 2 days of regular use they just vanished and haven't come back till now. Love..Love..Love.. Isn't it quite exciting?


After coming back from work, I have applied the mask on my face.


Can you notice the clear and glowing face?

Overall, I am happy with the product. And, it's true that I am going to repurchase this after finishing the current one. I strongly recommend you to try this once to get clear, fresh and radiant skin.

Thanks for reading.

Shreemayee Chattopadhyay.

*P.R. sample. But this is my honest review.

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