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A Review of Soulflower Neem Henna Soap.

A well - known brand for natural products, Soulflower has launched a new shampoo bar soap Neem Henna soap. My today's review is about that soap which I am recently using and wish to share my experience about it.


Shampoo bar, neem, henna, healthy scalp


  • Cleanse & stop itchiness naturally
  • Instantly improves scalp condition & repairs, heals, & softens hair
  • Clears your dandruff
  • 100% Vegan soap made from natural herbs
  • Doesn't contain parabens, sulphates, or phthalates
  • No use of animal products like milk & honey
  • Glycerine is a natural by product
  • Cold processed soap
  • SLS free.


Shampoo bar, neem, henna, healthy scalp



Neem oil, Castor oil, Shea butter, Aloe Vera leaf juice, Henna powder, Shikakai powder, NaOH, H2O, Stearic acid and Vitamin E.


Shampoo bar, neem, henna, healthy scalp


Price ₹ 400 for 150g. 

Available on Amazon.

How to use:


  1. Cut the Soulflower Dandruff Free Neem Henna Shampoo Soap Bar into two pieces, store unused piece in a cool dry place.
  2. Dampen your hair, make lather in the hand and work the lather thoroughly onto hair and scalp with fingertips.
  3. Rinse your hair and scalp while scrubbing diligently to ensure you wash all residue. Repeat if necessary.
  4. Use twice or thrice a week to regain hair lustre, nourished scalp & healthy beautiful hair.

Don’t forget to use a mild conditioner after every wash because you might feel that your hair is getting rough initially. Clean hair is natural, the transition time differs from individual to individual. Don’t worry, your hair will get that shine back naturally.


My Experience:

I have been using the soap for almost two weeks according to the directions given by the brand. The dark brown colored soap has a very sweet yet mixed smell of all the herbs and oils used in it and the soap smells quite natural.


Shampoo bar, neem, henna, healthy scalp

It forms a decent lather and washes away all dirt and oil from the scalp effectively without making my scalp and hair dry. It soothes my scalp instantly and this stays later too. I have used the soap on my son's scalp n hair. It has reduced the dandruff I was seeing on my son's scalp before started using the soap. The hair is now quite soft and shiny. My frizzy hair is quite manageable too.


Overall, I am quite happy with the soap and recommend the shampoo bar to all who want lustre and shine on your hair naturally.


Thanks for reading.

Shreemayee Chattopadhyay.


*P.R. sample, but my opinion is honest.


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