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Review of RawEarth Avocado & Green Apple Handmade Soap.

Hello all, today I'm going to talk about RawEarth handmade soap. It's true that there was a time when I didn't use soap on my skin as soaps make skin dry and dull. But, when I got my hand on handmade natural soaps, I use soap and recommend my friends to use them. First of all, these soaps are skin friendly and they don't make your skin dry or dull. As you know I love experimenting different soaps and nowadays I'm using RawEarth Avocado & Green Apple handmade soap. Let's start the review.



RawEarth makes herbal & handcrafted products using natural ingredients such as fresh fruits & vegetables, flower petals, essential oils for skin nourishment. These products are 100% vegetarian and contains no parabens or petrochemicals.


This allnatural Avocado & Green Apple soap also contains all natural ingredients . Avocado, enriched with nutrients soothes and nourish dry skin. Green apple protects skin from free radicals and gives the skin a healthy glow.



Price: ₹120/-


The light green soap comes wrapped in a transparent plastic paper cover with a white sticker on it where the info about the soap is written.


My Experience:

This green soap has a very mild yet sweet fruity scent. The soap is square shaped and easy to hold.



I don't use the soap directly on the skin. First I rub it inbetween my wet palms and then use the lather on my wet skin. It doesn't give much lather though you can easily apply it on your skin like the soft lotions. Yes, the soap is very soft and gentle on the skin. So, the sensitive skin also will be happy with it. The soap clears dirt, pollutants and impurities nicely from your skin without making it dry. My skin feels softsmooth and hydrated whole day long.

Overall, this soap from RawEarth gives a nice refreshing bathing experience during summer. If want to buy visit their Facebook page or contact on 9789082256 or 8939680121.

Thanks for reading.

Shreemayee Chattopadhyay.


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