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Review of Raw Earth De-Tan & Body Polish

Of late I have introduced to a new brand Raw Earththat offers handmade, all natural, organic, and vegan products those are skin-friendly and eco-friendly too. The brand has sent me three products, a handmade soap, De-Tan & Body polish and a handmade lipstick. Today, I am going to review De-Tan & Body Polish from Raw Earth. Let's start the review.



Raw Earth De -Tan & Body Polish:

This handmade bath treat leaves your skin, fresh, clean, soft and smooth, providing a nice polished and nourished skin. This Body polish makes your shower refreshing and fun-filled.



Dead Sea Salt, Raw Lemon oil, Almond oil, Rose water, Organic Brown Rice Powder.


Apply to wet skin and scrub gently. Then wash off with water. Don't use soap after.


Price: ₹ 450/-.


The pale yellow colored body polish comes in a glass jar with white screw lid. The details are printed on the outer part of the jar.


My Experience:

First, I want to say about the sweet smell of oils it has. Wherever you keep the jar, the whole room will be filled with its heavenly fragrance. The sweet, yet mild smell is just amazing. As you apply it on your skin, you will feel immediately refreshed with this fragrance. I prefer to apply the polish at my evening shower to get clean and fresh. Anddddd, it works.



I apply the polish all over my wet body, keeping special attention on the exposed parts like arms, back, and feet. I rub with a soft hand for 2 minutes and wash off with lukewarm water. I can see it clean all dirt, grime, and pollutants perfectly making my skin clear and fresh. After 2-3 uses, I can see my tan especially on the exposed parts of my body removing quite well. Yes, it does it works really well. The body polish has made my skin softer, smoother and shinier leaving it hydrated and nourished. What else one can want from a Body polish?

Do I repurchase?. Yes, obviously. I am quite happy with the product and strongly recommend you all having dull, lifeless and tanned skin to try it once. I bet, you will be happy using this product.

So what are you waiting for? Contact the brand on Facebook, Instagram or at this number: 9789082256 & 8939680121


Thanks for reading.

Shreemayee Chattopadhyay

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