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Review of Romantaque, the hair regrowth minimizing lotion

Today, I am going to talk about a product that is a post hair removal hair minimizing lotion. We always dream of soft n silky hair free skin and so go for either waxing or shaving or threading. All these ways are mostly hated by the women as they are sometimes painful or give cuts. But if we get any lotion that inhibits the hair regrowth after hair removing sessions so that the duration between consecutive hair removal sessions is prolonged? And Romantaque does this. Let's dive into the review to know more than about Romantaque, the hair regrowth minimizing lotion.


 Romantaque the lotion, is exclusively designed to get absorbed through orifice of the removed hair to reach the hair root and affect the hair manufacturing factory without affecting skin structures.


Romantaque stands for hair destroyer. The word is inspired from ancient Indian language of Ayurveda, i.e. Sanskrit 'Roma' means hair and 'Antak' means destroyer.

Repeated application of Romantaque after every hair removal session effectively deactivate more and more hair follicles. As we are all born with a limited numbers of hair follicles on the body, the number of regrowing hair keep declining. As the regrowing hair appears finer after every Romantaque treatment cycle the pain of hair removal (e.g. waxing) is reduced considerably.






The white colored lotion comes in a tiny white plastic bottle with flip top. All the info printed on the outer side of the bottle.


My Experience:

I started using the lotion just after the evening I got through my waxing. The lotion is a bit runny and feels little oily on the skin.


For the purpose of testing how it works, I use on my one underarm area every day twice and leave another underarm area untouched. After 20 days of constant use of the lotion, I saw the hair growth is much less than the other area when I didn't use the lotion. And this proves that the lotion works. It didn't give my sensitive skin any irritation.

So, the lotion is a perfect hair regrowth minimizer. But, I couldn't recommend it to anyone and even I don't want to repurchase also, because of the presence of Parabens in the lotion. Though it is written that the lotion is all natural it has nasties like Propyl Paraben and Methyl Paraben, Paraffin and others.

Have you used this or any other hair minimizing lotion? What do you think about this lotion? Please, give your feedback here in the comment section. I am all ear to listen to you.


Thanks for reading.

Shreemayee Chattopadhyay.



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  1. On paper it sounds like a great idea but the fact there are parabens in something you have to apply so often, I'm not sold. Great well though out review!

  2. Yep, that Paraben is the issue. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Wow! This sounded like a blessing till last paragraph! I hate the whole hair removal business!

  4. I have got laser hair removal done for my underarm area and that has made my life very very simple. I don't have to worry about underarm hair. Also since a past few years, my hair growth on arms and legs have decreased, maybe due to some hormonal changes so I do not get my arms and legs waxed but use an epilator.
    This seems to be a good option for women but then as you mentioned it has parabens, I would not know if it would be good for the skin for regular use.

  5. I was almost sold on this until I read parabens !!! Thanks for the review..

  6. I haven't used a lotion to control hair growth. I go for regular waxing on my hands and legs, while I use epilator when I am traveling. I see Ads of veet, but I am vary of using it because of the presence of chemicals.

  7. Wow never knew something like this existed!
    This sounds great .. but the parabens are a minus though ..

  8. good review. obviosuly a usefull product. I see how chemicals used would be off-putting, but I am wondering, when almost everything else we use has a chemical in it, till what degree can we really stay free & safe?!

  9. Sharvari Paivaidya MehanApril 1, 2018 at 10:06 PM

    Oh wow I was so excited to read about hair minimising lotion till I read the last paragraph. Parabens is just a no no.
    I have not tried any hair minimising lotions myself so I'm also curious to know if there are others that have been useful

  10. This lotion seems to be really easy peasy to use. But parabens does not sound a good idea.

  11. The same way I think. Would it safe to use regularly?

  12. It is so annoying to find products that say all natural and ten have hidden ingredients. Thanks for letting us know