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Review of Stay Quirky Blend Her Silicon Makeup Perfector

As you know Silicon makeup applicator is the new rage in the beauty community, I also thought to give it a try. When I started searching the reviews about silicon makeup applicator, I saw positive and negative reviews both. I got confused and thought, "OK, let me use it first!" And I got my hands on one from the brand Stay Quirky. I tried and now want to share my thought about it.


What Is Silicon Makeup Applicator:

It's a transparent, flat, chicken cutlet looking product has a non-porous silicone surface that absorbs zero amount of your foundation. This has some great benefits in comparison to the regular beauty blender. So, let's talk about my experience with Stay Quirky Blend Her Makeup Perfector.


My Experience with Stay Quirky Blend Her Makeup Perfector:

Firstly, you must remember that it's not a sponge that absorbs much of your product. So, you don't use as much product you use on your Beauty Blender. Otherwise, You will end up with too much makeup sitting on your face. So, start with a small amount of the foundation or any other like the highlighter or cream blush on the silicon makeup applicator and tap on your face. Yes, tap to blend the foundation. But if you want to get that airbrush finish, blend it with fingers or your regular blender sponge. The applicator then should be praised for making your makeup products go a long way. So, the silicone makeup applicator being proved economic saves our product and MONEY too!


And, here's the best part of the applicator, It's damn easy to clean. After each use, you will wash with soap and water. So, you don't have to spend much time cleaning the applicator. I must say, it's a more hygienic makeup applicator. It isn't easily torn so you can use it longer than sponge applicators.


But, one con is there, that is, I can't easily apply makeup on the sides of my nose and under eye area. I have to take help of fingers (you can use your blender sponge) to blend perfectly.

Price: INR 245/-

Available on

Overall, I am happy with the most convenient makeup applicator I have ever used.

Have you ever used this applicator or any other silicon makeup applicator from any brand? Please, share your views here.

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Thanks for reading.

Shreemayee Chattopadhyay

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  1. I have also heard mixed reviews about the product so never thought of buying but your review is quite useful will add in my to purchase list.

  2. Sabhi products me pros n cons to rehta hi hai, itne pros me ek con chalta hai 😊
    Honest review k liye thank you 😍😍

  3. Wasn't aware of silicon make up applicators. Thank you for this honest review.