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Review of Ryaal Mr. Beans Deep Cleansing and Illuminating Scrub Mask

I don't spend much time and money for my skincare. But I religiously follow a strict regime including CTM, and weekly scrubbing and masking. For scrub or mask I usually use DIY made from natural ingredients from my kitchen shelf. But, as a working mom, sometimes it becomes difficult to prepare them. At this, I look for products those are natural and handmade. Here, I'm talking about one such product that's Mr. Beans Deep Cleansing and Illuminating Scrub Mask from the brand Ryaal. Let's dive into the details.


Mr. Beans Deep Cleansing and Illuminating Scrub Mask:

This 100% Natural Arabica Coffee Scrub mixed up with caffeine and honey makes your skin all soft and sunny. The gentle scrubbing effect will take away the dead skin cells. Kaolin clay & Fuller's earth will help remove oil and impurities, Organic wild honey bee & Glycerine will act as a moisturizer. Its aromatic fragrance of Coffee and Vanilla will relax your senses.







Price: ₹499 for 125g.

Available on Amazon.


The scrub mask comes in a black matte tub with a black lid under which you can see the transparent protection lid. All the details about the product are printed on the outer part of the tub.



My Experience:

The scrub has a smell of coffee which is neither strong nor mild, yet doesn't irritate my sensitive skin. If you have a sensitive nose to coffee, the scrub mask is not for you. The runny texture with soft granules feels a bit sticky. So, while you use the mix use with some water. Then, the paste will be easier to apply on your face. The ingredients list says that it has Kaolin clay, though I can't experience the clay in it.



It has given me a glowing and healthy skin that everyone looks for. When I massage the scrub (yes, I use more as a scrub than a mask), I can feel it exfoliate quite well. It offers that much-needed hydration and nourishment to my skin, leaving the skin fresh, and renewed.

Anyone has used this product or any other product from Ryaal? I am all ear to know your feedback.

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Thanks for reading.

Shreemayee Chattopadhyay.

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  1. A coffee flavoured scrub cum mask sounds like a great time-saver. Will surely look out for this one on my next shopping spree. Thank you for writing this review. Keep writing :)

  2. Sounds nice from your review :) Coffee attracts me

  3. Sounds a great mask, recently I have been looking for a great scrub and mask, shall gonna try this for sure.

  4. I love using coffee for skincare. This goes on my shopping list because it has coffee in it and your review is tempting enough! 🙂

  5. I love this mask Hon as I already told u on insta I m trying it this weekend

  6. 3-4 minutes regimen with good results! that's a really good product! thanks for sharing.

  7. Hmm, this sounds pretty interesting! I'll definitely be giving it a try.
    Great post!
    I’d love it if you’d check out my new post at
    Khanak x

  8. This sounds to be a super scrub & mask. It has the goodness of coffee which is my weakness.

  9. That sound like a great face mask. I haven't heard about Mr. Beans mask and it looks pretty interesting to try. I will definitely check into this. Thanks for sharing your honest review.

  10. I like this mask ..

    Minyak varash classic

  11. This product looks amazing and has fine granules which is the best for sensitive skin too :)