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Let Eat Without Polluting ft. Greenfare Eco-friendly Solutions

Now the time has come to say goodbye to landfill-clogging plastic or thermocol tablewares to adopt eco-friendly habits. 

The plastic tablewares are toxic and can be harmful to your kids. They are made of such chemicals those can do anything from liver damage to cancer. Not only that they are harmful to our environment too. So, spare some time to think about the environment and our little angels and pick up eco-friendly disposable tablewares as they use up fewer resources and break down harmlessly if you compare to their plastic or thermocol counterparts.

Trust me, these products are not money-draining. I can see your eager eyes now to get the answers of those obvious questions, "where to buy" and "what to buy". You will find eco-friendly disposable tableware from Greenfare who offers Environment-friendly Areca Palm leaf tableware. Let's dive into the products.



About Greenfare, A Sustainable Tomorrow:


Lately, I have got a chance to review the tablewares from Greenfare who promises for Sustainable Tomorrow with Environvent-friendly Areca Palm Leaf tableware range. There was a time when our ancestors use banana leaves or sal leaves for serving the food or water. Greenfare has brought back those natural tablewares in a sophisticated manner. They offer products those are eco-friendly, yet leak-proof, sturdy and fashionable. Visit their Website and Facebook page to know more.




All Greenfare products are 100% biodegradeable and easily compostable and doesn't harm to the environment, leaving no trace of any waste behind after degradation. They are 100% natural, chemical free, food safe, freezer safe and microwave safe. 


How To Make the Products:

Eco-friendly disposable Areca leaf tableware are made with naturally fallen leaves of Areca palm tree. Hence no trees were harmed to manufacture the products. The naturally fallen leaves were collected & cleaned with fresh water before manufacturing the plates. There are no chemicals used in any of the process.




1. Pack of 20’s

250 GM box – MRP Rs 240

Disc Price – 160+ 40 Delivery

12” Round Plate – MRP 240

Disc Price – 170 + 60 Delivery

10” Round Plate – MRP 200

Disc Price – 160 + 40 Delivery

10” Square Plate – MRP 240

Disc Price – 170+ 60 Delivery

5” Square Bowl – MRP 120

Disc Price – 105 + 40 Delivery

Spoon – MRP 60

Disc Price - 50 + delivery charges on actual approx Rs. 40-90 depending on qty.

My Experience:

These tablewares are reminding me of my childhood days when my father would make tiny plates and bowls with areca palm leaves for my toy kitchen. To be honest, when I first time heard about these products, I couldn't get that these are the same as my childhood toys. As I received them I jumped up with happiness and showed to my father. Ohh! I have talked much and you might be getting bored. So, you can understand that these are 100% natural as the brand claims.

I put the bowls in the refrigerator for almost 8 hours and can say now that it's freezer safe.



I had some leftover food yesterday that I had to serve my younger son at his lunch. So I put it in the microwave for 1 minute to serve the curry hot and yes, the bowls are microwave safe.



Overall, I assure you that you can arrange your next anniversary or your kid's birthday party eco-friendly with Greenfare tableware range. To buy visit the website or can contact Harsha on 9920220186.

Hope you like the article. Thanks for reading.


Shreemayee Chattopadhyay

*P.R. samples, as a member of IPTA, Indian Parents Tested and Approved. Visit the group here.


The picture of Areca Palm Tree: Greenfare website.

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