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Get A Relaxing Bathing Experience withYami Herbals Homemade Bath Powder

Today I am going to talk about a product that is effective not only for the pretty ladies but for those sweet angels too. Yes, you are right! I am talking about the Homemade Herbal Bath Powder from Yami Herbals

They have sent me three products to write reviews on them, a face pack, hair pack and a body pack. The first product I have chosen to write is the body pack because among the three I love the most is the Body powder. Let's start with the review then.


The Brand: Yami Herbals:

The person behind the brand Shylaja Pradeep has started the brand to give us Head-to-toe natural and chemical free care. Listen from her own voice about the brand -"Have You Ever Thought – Are Your Hair And Skincare Products Causing More Harm Than Good?

Unfortunately, every day millions of people unknowingly use chemical-filled products that not only don’t help your skin and hair but actually harm your skin and hair. Your body is the largest living organ. And beauty and skincare products contain toxins and chemicals suffocate your skin. In long run, they lose their life and glow. Hence, Yami Herbals, a unique boutique beauty brand, developing its products and blends keeping CSA - climate, skin type, and age as the three determinant attributes.

We are confident on our endeavor to bring the best to your doorstep will be accepted and appreciated by you. Believe in Yami herbals. It’s simply 100%natural and homemade."


Homemade Herbal Bath Powder:

This traditional herbal bath powder is made of organic, safe and pure herbs and pulses to deeply cleanse the skin, promoting good skin health of moms, babies, and toddlers. The use of lots of herbs has made the bath powder an antiseptic product that is absolutely safe for the babies, preventing any skin concern.



Keeps skin clear.

Prevents acne, blemishes, and allergies.

Treats skin ailments.

Reduces hair growth on the skin.

Brings a glow to the skin and leaves a natural aroma of cool herbs after bath.

100% Natural, No Chemicals, No side effects.






Some of the ingredients include crushed Almond, Navara Rice, Kasturi, Vetiver etc. Almonds are rich in Vitamin E and lubricate the skin. Mudga powder and Chanaka powders form a gentle cleansing base. Navara rice used in classical Ayurvedic treatments, cultivated only in Kerala is great for exfoliation. Orange peel clears the skin and imparts the glow. Vetiver cools the skin while removing any pigmented spot. Kasturi enhances the complexion.



Whole green gram, neem leaves, aavarampoo, rose petals, kasthuri manjal/ wild turmeric, vetiver/ khus, poolan kilangu/ white turmeric, dried lemon pool/ orange peel, korai kizhangu (we call nut grass rhizomes Korai Kizhangu/Muthakasu in Tamil and Nagarmotha in Hindi), black jeera, karpoga arisi, vasambu and shikakai (Shikakai is a great herb for skin also, especially in treating skin related diseases like scabies, dry skin etc and regular use of shikakai on the skin can prevent further skin infections). 





Packaging and Price:

The bath powder comes in a sturdy transparent jar with a lime green screw cap. Around the jar on a colorful paper, The name of the brand and the product and other information are written. The 100g powder costs INR 120/- + shipping. Anyone can order more if she needs more in quantity.

Directions to Use:

Take the required amount of bath powder and mix with water/milk to make a thick paste. Apply it all over the body, leave for 5 minutes and rinse off with water. Or you can even use it as a dry scrub for simply scrubbing the skin and then washing off with water.

My Experience:

As I first opened the tub what attracted me is the heavenly smell. It reminded me of my childhood days when my mom would make a bath pack mixing with neem, haldi, orange peel and some herbs the names I can't recall now. Immediately I understood that the Bath powder is 100% natural, as the brand claims. Another thing I like that the brand has provided a small spoon with the product to take it out of the jar. Then, you need not use your fingers.




First time I used the powder with plain water to know the exact effect of the body powder. I took 4 spoons and mixed with water to form the paste. Applied all over the body and kept for 5 minutes, then rubbed a little with very gentle stroke and washed off. It's a nice experience with the powder.

I have used it almost 4/5 times. It has given me a clear and radiant skin, leaving my skin super hydrated. Every day after bathing I use body lotion throughout the year. After each use of the body powder, I need not use any lotion and the skin stays hydrated the whole day. Once I have mixed the powder with milk, but the result is same. The bath powder itself is so effective that the liquid to be mixed doesn't matter at all. It has almost removed the tan from the hands and feet, giving an instant glow. So, it has done everything the brand claims.


Overall, I am too happy with the bath powder and recommend you to try it. I bet, your skin will thank you. To know more about the brand and the products visit the Facebook page and to buy call or Whatsapp on 7358813032.

Have you ever used any product from Yami herbals? Please share your thoughts here then.


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