Review On Krishkare Honey Peach Lip Balm And Hand Cream

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I have come today with another product from Krishkare. Before, I talked about the Argan Oil Moisture Vitality Shampoo from the brand. Read the review here. Today I am going to share my thoughts about two products which I took from the brand's website as a combo packaging. They are A Hand Cream and A Lip balm from their Honey Peach range. Let's start with my views.


The Brand: Krishkare:

Krishkare is a health and beauty products store that aims to provide its customers and patrons with effective, affordable skin, hair and health products. They have in their store a wide variety of electrical products ranging from health monitoring systems,  slimming belts, hair laser comb to all natural, vegan skin and hair care products. Their products are not tested on animals. Visit the website and Facebook page to know more.

Moisture Therapy CombiPack - Honey Peach:

The CombiPack contains two products, a lip balm and a hand cream from the Honey Peach range.

Lip Balm: 

Packed with brightening Shea Butter, nourishing Vitamin E and ultra-healing Beeswax that locks in moisture, heals dry and cracked lips and provides long lasting hydration. This balm blends repairing oils like jojoba and olive with protecting butters like beeswax,giving you instant soothing, immediate smoothness and protective anti-aging action. Shea Butter provides intensive conditioning and aids in lightening skin tones. With the creaminess of peach and sweetness of honey, this herbal lip balm provides non-messy application and lasting hydration. 



Hand Crème: 

Delicately scented, lightweight and non-greasy hand crème is packed with ultra-nourishing Shea Butter that locks moisture into the skin, keeping it hydrated longer. Syrupy Honey and Rosy Peach harmonize to create a mood of relaxation and luxury with every application. Shea Butter, Vitamin E and antioxidants help prevent signs of aging and lock in moisture for hydration that lasts longer. 



price: INR 448/


The two products come together in a plastic wrapped packet. Both the products are packed very aesthetically in sweet pink colored plastic container. Lip balm comes in a high quality plastic pot, like famous EOS lip balm that can be easily located in the vanity. It stands wherever you keep it. It's small and quite handy. It has a unique egg shape that is easy to apply. The hand crème packaging is also very unique.  It comes in an oval, but flat container with flip top that can be carried in any vanity. The packaging is user-friendly and travel-friendly too.






My Experience:

I have been these two products for almost three weeks. I use the lip balm whenever I feel like using. You have to twist the cap off to open it. As you open you will see the butter colored cream with egg shape. It has a mild smell of honey. The lip balm can be glided well on the lips. It has a bit thick texture, but not sticky or heavy on the lips. The lip balm stays long and keeps my lips nicely hydrated and moisturized too, giving a nice glow on the lips. I have seen that even after the lip balm vanishes away, my lips remain soft and smooth all day. Only one con I have seen in it that it has no SPF. Overall, I love the lip balm.

The hand cream is white in color and light textured. It has a mild smell that I can't recognize. It is more like a lotion than a cream. As I use it on my hands, it is easily absorbed into the skin, leaving no greasy feeling. It gives a pretty softness to hands. But if you have dry hands, it's not for you, especially during winters. My hands are not so dry, instead I have to repeat 3/4 times a day. Another con is it has no SPF. So, if you want to apply it in the morning, you must layer on a lotion with SPF. That's why I use it in evening and night. A very small amount is required.


Overall, in the CombiPack, I like the lip balm more than the hand cream. And if you want to give your hands a special care, go for something that is more creamy. Have you ever used any of the two? What's your experience? Please, share your experiences here.

Thanks for reading. Coming with more reviews. Stay tuned.


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    The packaging is really cute :)

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