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Greenberry Organics Mud Ash 3-in-1 Face Care Review.

The product that I'm going to talk about today is Mud Ash 3-in-1 Face Care from the brand Greenberry Organics. With the onset of summer, the sun is sizzling and with it brings some severe skin problems, like skin tan, or sunburn, and consequently the redness of the skin, itching, rashes, aggravation of acne (pimples) and all. In order to solve these skin concerns, you have to use such a product that will cool the skin and at the same time absorb the excess oil. And that all-encompassing product is Mud Ash 3-in-1 Face Care. So, without talking much, let's get into the review of the miracle of Greenberry Organics. But before starting with the review, I want to tell you about the brand.


The Brand: Greenberry Organics: 

Greenberry Organics - The Man Soap Co. are makers of fresh, natural and handmade cosmetics assorted in small batches to ensure purity and authenticity. The Founders have ensured that the production of each of our categories is made in small batches to make it relevant, fresh and genuine. Moreover, none of our products ever have the conventional chemicals namely - Silicones, Mineral Oil, Petrolatum, DEA, TEA, Phthalates, Phosphates, any Artificial fillers, SLES/SLS or Parabens. Visit their Facebook page.

Mud Ash 3-in-1 Face Care:

It's been a week, I am using Mud Ash 3-in-1 Face Care. I am using as the brand has directed. Before using the product, I was surprised at the hype it's gaining in the people. Whenever I visited any online store, I found the tag " Out of Stock". After using, I got cleared the reason. Before, I used some mud packs. I don't say that they are not effective, but Mud Ash is something just unique. Why? Let's scroll down.







It's a 3 in 1 formula that includes cleanser, scrubber, and mask packed in one.It's a unique blend of Tea Tree Oil, Charcoal Extract, Kaolin Clay, Bentonite Clay and Chamomile Extract. The activated charcoal helps to reduce the dirt and impurities you gather from the outside world into your skin.

The walnut scrubs off all the dead skin giving a healthy glow and youthfulness to your tired skin.

The Kaolin clay and Chamomile extracts treat your skin to revive and rejuvenate.

Use it daily as a cleanser ( 30 Seconds), twice as a scrubber (1minute) or weekly as a mask (3 minutes) to give your skin special treatment that you would get at your spa sessions in a salon, by burning your purse. 

Against animal testing,  Handmade with love, Environment safe packaging, Assorted and Ethical sourcing. 






Packaging And Price:

The product comes in a gray colored sturdy plastic tub with a black screw lid, under which a leak proof plastic lid is seen. The packaging is quite hygienic and user-friendly. The 100g tub costs INR 499/-. Buy from Amazon ( Direct Link) discount.

My Experience:

The smokey gray colored product has a mixed floral scent in which you can smell the Tea Tree Oil separately. The scent is neither strong nor mild. Even the sensitive nose can bear with it.







I have used it three ways. First three days after receiving, used as a cleanser, fourth day as a scrubber and seventh day, as the mask. I used it sincerely as per brand's direction. Before using I sanitized my hands and wash my face with plain water ( I do it always before any skincare ritual), take a required amount into my palm and apply with very soft hand, then wash with the splash of plain water on my face. As the granules are a bit course, you have to use it very softly. As cleanser and scrubber, you need to be very careful while applying and rubbing. As the mask, don't rub it, just wash off. If you maintain the procedure don't face any sensitivity. Many of my friends have faced this issue. But, believe me, I have super sensitive skin, but I didn't feel any sensitivity. I applied it on my elder son too. He didn't face any such problem.

It has a very organic feel. As the product gives a good foam, it has won my heart. Because always it's been my experience that the cleanser gives a good foam, works wonder. And it does. The very first day, it has cleared out my acne almost 80%. After one week, I am seeing a clear and tan or scar free toned skin. It has given me a softer and smoother skin that everyone is appreciating. The Mud Ash has miraculously worked on my pimples, reduced redness, and oiliness. In short, it has given me a rejuvenated skin.

Overall, it's the product which if you own, need not get into a variety of products. You don’t have to invest in the salons. Above all, it's Natural and Vegan. What else one can ask for in a 100g tub of the stuff. Yes, you're right, I will repurchase it after I'll have it done. 

Thanks for reading. Coming with more products.


Disclaimer: P.R. sample. But my review is honest. 


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