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Top 5 Hair Serums I Used In 2016: A Recap.

The first week of 2017 is coming to an end and still sometimes I write 2016 by mistake. My students make fun of me for that lol! So I think, let's do another "My fav of 2016" post. Let's scroll down.



Today, I'm going to recall my favorite hair serums, used last year. I have dry, frizzy hair with an oily scalp. You know, how much care I have to put on them. To control the frizziness, I have to invest for good, effective hair serums. I always search different sites for them. And now, I have got mine. Before getting into that, let me tell you about them all.



I bought it because of its name 'Habib's'. You know what I'm telling. It's a unisex serum, meant for all hair types. It's lightweight and easy-to-apply.

What's The Brand Claims:

1. Adds luster instantly.

2. Makes the hair soft and manageable. 

3. Protect hair from UV rays. 

4. Helps with styling. 

5. Reduces hair loss.

My Experience:

Yeah!  It's light textured and I'd apply it with no hassle. Would give a nice sheen to hair. But I couldn't continue with it. It's a bit thick, so needs extra rubbing to spread evenly. Another con is when applying you have to give extra attention. If you take extra amount your hair may look oily and sticky. You know, I am super lazy. So I gave up. But, if you are very sincere, can buy it. Then it's your thing. It's inexpensive too. Buy here.

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2. FLORA'S HAIR SERUM ( 50ML- Rs.250/-):

It's a Kolkata-based brand. Sharmila Singh Flora, a renowned beauty therapist of Kolkata has founded this brand. As the brand says, it is the first herbal hair serum with sun protection factor.

What's The Brand Claims:

1. Repair hair cortex.

2. Prevent to change hair pigment color due to sunlight.

3. Fights with split ends.

4. Remove hair roughness completely.

5. Give natural shine with very smooth effect.

6. Make hair length tangle-free.

7. After using it even very curly hair may look straight.

My Experience:

Seeing all these claims on Google, I head over to a local shop and buy. I can't say it doesn't work at all. It was okay, but couldn't satisfy me completely. It didn't reduce my frizz completely and it's effect does not stay long. After 2/3 hours of applying it, the hair would look dry and messy. So, it was a big no. To buy visit FLORA'S Facebook page.




image source: Google[




I received it in My Envy Box, though can't remember the month. Let's see what the brand says.

What The Brand Claims:

1. Softens the tresses, no matter how humid or sticky the weather is.

2. Nourishes and hydrates the hair

3. The hair looks gorgeous and bouncy.

4. Gives a glossy sheen.

5. Helps in styling the hair.

6. Protects the hair any environmental hazards or damages made by styling.

My Experience:

The serum is easy to apply. Though it is a bit thick in consistency, you can easily apply it on towel dry hair. But it did nothing to my hair, leaving it dry and frizzy as well. So, I gave up. To buy visit here.


I did not buy this one. It was a gift from the brand in a contest, run by them. This is the first product I used from the brand. I heard much about them and I had much hope about the serum. Before saying anything about it, let me say some words about Trichoz.


What The Brand Claims:

1. Instantly seals, smoothens, softens, strengthens and repairs dry, rough, tangled hair.

2. Ideal to prevent hair fall.

3. Promote Hair Growth.

4. UV filters.


My Experience:

I can't say that it doesn't work for me at all. I used it on towel dry hair.  My frizz was nicely controlled and it would give a nice shine to my hair. But the serum doesn't stay long on the hair shafts and after some 3/4 hours, my hair started getting rough and frizzy again. So, I don't think of purchase it. At this point, one of my friends tell me to opt for a serum and I got mine. Do you want to know? Here it is! If you have decided to buy it visit here.





At last, I have got what I wanted to. This lightweight, non-sticky hair serum is perfect for my dry, rough and frizzy hair.

What The Brand Says:

1. A quick solution to rough, tangled and unmanageable hair.

2. Gives the hair glossy finish and makes it totally smooth and exceptionally light.

3. Non-sticky and easy-to-apply.

4. Two botanical ingredients avocado and grapeseed oil make the hair healthy.

5. Protects hair from heat styling.

6. Controls frizz.

My Experience:

Happy! Happy! I am too much happy with it. My hair is well-controlled, soft and glossy now. It has enhanced my look and now I can keep my hair open. I have purchased four bottles which will last the whole 2k17 because little goes a long way. So, I strongly recommend you to buy, especially those who are tired of tangled and dry, frizzy hair. Wanna buy? visit here.

Have you ever tried any of these? If yes, please share your experiences here. 

Thanks for reading. Enjoy your new year with some new products.

Shreemayee Chattopadhyay. 




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  1. Nice review , I have used Trizoc serum from Ethicare Remedies , I use Livon serum for daily use , it's good :-)

  2. God! I tried none. :| :|
    I need to buy more of them. Thanks for sharing :)

  3. I heard much about Livon. Thanks for stopping by.

  4. You're welcome. Do try and share with me.

  5. I used to use Matrix Biolage Hair Mask and it worked well to my hair. Nice post dear!

  6. Thanks dear. I want to try the mask too. Have you reviewed it?

  7. i like the bblunt one.. though rest are still to try.


  8. Once try the matrix one. Thanks for your comment.

  9. Do try and share your thoughts. Thanks for stopping by.

  10. The best I've used is Pro Naturals

  11. Haven't heard about it. I think it's a natural one. Then it must be good. Btw thanks for stopping by.

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