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Review: Chado Amit's Holy Detox Tea

Now when the weather is changing many of you may be suffering from cough/sore throat like me. Being a teacher, it's become a genuine problem for me. I have to give lectures in the class with the irritated throat when simple talking becomes difficult. I tried many remedies, like a warm salt water gargle, took medicines, Vitamin C, took ginger juice with honey, but they worked not much for my scratchy throat.I was just looking for a remedy and at this, I saw on Qtrove, an online web store, Chado Amit's Holy Detox Tea. Actually, I had to pick up some product from Qtrove for reviewing and I took it to get some comfort to my sore throat. Now, let me come to the point.



(purify, cleanse, realign)

The caffeine-free tea is the blend of various super herbs such as Tulsi ( Holy Basil), Spearmint, Rose Hips, Lemon Myrtle and Linden Blossoms. From clear, citrus flavors to fresh minty aromas and a lingering floral aftertaste, a throughout clean and bright blend. Green herb notes of Holy Basil and lemon myrtle are balanced with the depth and tartness of rosehips, the refreshing qualities of spearmint and flowery flavor of linden blossoms all in harmony.

The Holy Basil, being the central ingredient, helps built immunity and fight cold. Lemon myrtle and relaxing linden blossoms help aid in digestion while delivering a sweet yet invigorating flavor.



CAFFIENE FREE:                                    Yes
Steeping Time:                                        5-7 mins
Water Temp.:                                           100° C
Tsp/cup:                                                            1
Milk:                                                            Not Recommended
Sugar:                                                          Can be added
Reinfusion:                                               Not Recommended


The tea comes in a brown paper packaging with all information printed on the packet. The 50 gms product costs Rs. 350/-.



The first thing I like about the tea is its aroma. It's quite refreshing. If you smell it directly your clogged nose will open up. Then you have to take a very small amount in your palm and smell. My son and I both were having a sore throat and he got a cough too and we had it twice a day. It soothed our throat and we enjoyed the taste too. Not only that if you drink the tea after coming back from your work, it will relieve your stress too. So, in all respect, it will be useful and worth buying.It's the tea that the adult and child alike definitely will enjoy. It helps in digestion too. It does all that the brand claims.

I have started depending on it. It really works for those who ill, or for singers or speakers or the teachers like me. So, I wish to keep a steady stock of the tea and will ask you to purchase once. You can buy online sitting in every corner of the world. If anyone has experience with it, share here. I love to hear from you. 

Thanks for reading. Will come with more reviews. Till then Bye.

Shreemayee Chattopadhyay.


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  1. I am not a tea person but this one seems good

  2. This one is not at all tea as the regular tea, but something Detox Tea. It works like a magic. To be honest. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Bit expensive but seems good and when its doing good for health I think we should not worry about price .
    Nicely reviewed , I will check this product at Qtrove , thanks for sharing :-)

  4. Gostei muito do seu parecer, vou procurar para comprar! Um ótimo final de semana.