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Beauty Regimen For A Bride To Be

It is the dream of every girl to look the most beautiful on her wedding evening. She wants the glowing skin for the D-day of her life. But, how do you achieve that? So, I am here with some tricks-- keep scrolling then.

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Start a basic skincare routine about a year back. If you don't have that much time, adopt the good skincare routine as soon as possible. But before starting with the skincare rituals, take serious care of body and mind to be beautiful from within. There's no substitute to the healthy glow that comes naturally when you take proper care of body and mind which a makeup cannot give you. Now go for them:


The first step is to drink plenty of water ( at least 2 Liters per day) to hydrate your skin. How costly creams or lotions you apply on your skin and go for how costly facials or spas if you don't drink water properly your skin will not be glowing. It flushes out the toxins to reduce the risk of pimples, as some toxins results in clogged pores and acne. If possible drink a glass of coconut water everyday.


Eat right to get flawless skin. What you eat has the great impact on the clarity of your skin. Fresh vegetables and fruits are the storehouses of different useful vitamins and minerals to get the perfect sheen, skin rejuvenation, natural hydration and the improvement of skin texture. Avoid street food, processed and spicy food.


A healthy body always reflects on your face. I know in our busy schedule, we hardly get time for workouts. I am not telling you to go for a one-hour gym session. But to make out half an hour for some Yoga or morning walk or jogging is not so difficult. The workout will flush out the toxins, reduce your stress, enhance your energy, enable deep sleep and uplift your mood. And all these will result in a good glow on your face.


Mental happiness is another factor for getting flawless skin. For that lead a stress-free life and stay positive. I know saying is easier than doing. But you have to. The best way is to add a 5-minute meditation session to your daily time. There's no fixed time for meditation, any time is the best time for it. To be happy whatever you love to do start doing. May it be listening to good music, dancing, encouraging any of your hobbies, chatting with your best friend and even PNPC is also a great option hun! Spa sessions also work in this case.


Cleansing-toning-moisturising is the great three options of beauty regimen to get glowing skin. It takes only 10 minutes per day. Everyday in the morning and evening cleanse your face thoroughly with a good cleanser, immediately after it, apply a toner and moisturize. In the daytime always use a good sunscreen ( at least with SPF 30) and at night use a good nourishing cream. If you can afford, can use a face serum just after cleansing and toning. Always go to bed after removing your makeup properly. It is a must do. But ensure that all the products you use even the makeup products must be natural and organic and cruelty-free. And visit a good salon for facials and spas.

Are you ready to start your bridal beauty routine? All the above should be followed everyday, throughout the year. Do you think these are all? These are to prep your skin only. But what's about your makeup and dresses? So, stay here. I am coming back with more very soon.

Thanks for reading.

Shreemayee Chattopadhyay.

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