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I love  perfumes, so I am enjoying much to write about it. I love perfumes in each form, like deodorants , EDP or EDT, attar. Fragrances have the positive impact on people. It can reflect our personality , or may connect us with some memories or it can show the individuality . Lastly, frags can take us to a state of calm and serenity, to rejuvenate our minds , energize our senses. Though when we wear fragrances, we don't think of all these we just wear, because it is simply a fun. Among the various forms of frags, attar is now becoming popular to the people. So various brands also have come to the market of which Neesh is a brand that introduces a wide range of Fragrance Products .

Attar, perfume, Neesh, review


Neesh is the brand that ensures the use of natural and fresh ingredients to offer its consumers a delightful and aromatic experience through their products . Listen to them: "We believeFragrance is life  enhancing and our solitary focus is on creating special and incomparable fragrances in exceptional products." 


Neesh perfumes contain a very high quality fragrances . The perfumes stay long, upto 12 hours . Each spray costs less than Rs 1. This 20ml pikpack contains 400 sprays. The most unique feature of Neesh perfumes is its packaging . All the pikpacks are so sleek that they fit in every pocket . So they are travel friendly .  You can carry a pikpack everywhere and in every purse may it be very small. And seeing their unique packaging, you will feel like being in Mughal Saltanat. The  brand has sent two perfumes Attar-E-Nazakat and Sultana for review. Now let me tell you how I feel about them.

Attar, perfume, Neesh, review


As the brand says , " enhance your first date with Neesh's collection of Attar-E-Nazakat, a perfume that combines the right amount of grace and vitality. It sets the tone of elegance and modern sophistication."

Attar, perfume, Neesh, review


Before using I thought it would be musky and warm. Whereas, Attar-E-Nazakat is woody (like super woody) and hot. It's not what I expected. I love strong perfumes , but it's two strong . As I sprayed, it didn't seem nice to my sensitive nose . But within halfan hour , it becomes sweet and starts releasing it's aromatic scent . It is really very sophisticated and elegant . It stays long and even next you smell the mild aroma. And now I can't resist myself but use it .


Sultana has warmed my heart .  It's not very hot, but it has a warmth and depth in its aroma which is feminist and romantic . Its musk based scent has thrilled me . The scent is not typical a party girl one, it's more like a  frag of strong woman of action who has a sophisticated and mature nose and who can rush behind her dreams and goals to achieve them and at the same time she is very romantic. Have I talked too much about Sultana? Because it has stolen my heart.  The scent is made with the finest ingredients of perfumery with warm breeze of amber and tea rose. It can be the perfect gift for a woman .

Attar, perfume, Neesh

So you want to buy Neesh perfumes . You can easily buy them from Amazon and Flipkart

So how do you feel about them ? Have you used any from Neesh ? Share your experiences here . This much for today .

Shreemayee Chattopadhyay .

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