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A Review : QTROVE, Curated With Love

You all know that natural and organic handmade  products are my love. So, I always search for the websites where I can get them. In my search, always I have to surf different websites for different products . Such as, some are selling beauty or makeup products , when others fashion accessories , home decor . That's why, I was looking for a site, where I can get all of them under one umbrella. 

One day my search ended up in a website that sells curated items, ranging from skincare to wellness to food and beverage , from fashion accessories to home decor . And that all-encompassing online store is Qtrove, bringing you curated products from handpicked vendors, from all over the world .


About Qtrove- The Trove Of Curated Products :

This is as they describe themselves . Listen about them, in their own voice : At Qtrove, we believe that YOU are unique and so should be the products you buy. The experience of shopping should be delightful and joyous and our aim is to release you from the "tyranny of choice ". 

As you step into the website, what will attract you the most is its simple but smart look. At a glance, you can view all the products under different price tags. The website is well maintained and so you can easily browse through. They have divided the huge range of products into some sub categories that will help you to find out the required products easily . Qtrove always tries to give pure, natural, organic and sustainable products from around the world. They roam around the world to provide you with good quality products from the talented artisans, vendors across the world.







My  Experience  :

I have picked up two products from the website, Amit's Holy Detox Tea from CHADOTEA and Anti Tan Neem Chandan Ubtan from Matru Ayurveda for my blog article. Matru Ayurveda has sent a pouch of Royal Saffron Facial Pack as a sample. And I also purchased a body wash, Berry Blush from Rustic Art. In all these, my experience has just been amazing. 

The ordering process was incredible and the products were delivered before my expected time, just within two days from the date of ordering . Packaging was too good. Very minimal packaging was there and the products, I received them exactly the way they are shown in pictures. And the quality of products are wonderful. They deserve full and detailed review. So let me do it in my next posts. Here, I wish to mention another awesome  quality  of the website, are the blogs. They are so informative that if you go through them, you can be benefitted well with their tips about skincare, wellness, travel or home decor . In short, I loved the whole experience with Qtrove and am sold for life . I suggest you all to try once. I know your experiences will be the same and you will thank me later hun! So go ahead and take a tour here.  When you buy any product , for the first time , you can use the coupon code  BLOGSC20 on orders over Rs 400 and will get 20% discount on online payment. The offer is valid upto End of November . So, hurry up and start shopping .

You have seen what I have picked up from Qtrove . But this is not the end. I have some products in the wishlist . You can check them out also.

1. Aromatic Sandalwood Candle To Get Relief From Stress. Visit here

2. Absolute Beauty Soap(Haldi-Chandan-Kesar) to get firm and youthful skin. Visit here.

 3. Indie RectangularSling to glam up my outfit . Get here

4. Creamy Milk Chocolate : I can't wait much, sooner I visit the website . You can also visit


5. Hair Growth Herbs as I badly need this. If you need visit here


So, what do you think about Qtrove ? Have anyone purchased from the store ?  Please, share your experiences here .

Shreemayee Chattopadhyay .

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    I never heard of blueberry body wash , sounds great :-)

  3. Lovely review :)