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Those who regularly visit my blog, may know my love for the products, made from natural ingredients and not tested on my furry friends . These products are wonderful and are free from any dangerous chemicals, doing no harm to our skin at all. The products I have reviewed in my blog till date, are all very good, but the product has made me overwhelmed, is Apricot Body Scrub from Junaili . You know that of late,  I reviewed another product from the brand that is Apricot Face Oil which is also very good .  But this one is excellent. So,  let me tell you why I am so much excited about Apricot Body Scrub.





Some days back the brand Junaili sent me this scrub for writing a review on it. Junaili is a Nainital- based brand that uses 100% Organic Apricot Kernels. They are so serious about  the quality of their products that all their oils and scrubs are made in small batches to maintain high quality and freshness . To know more visit here.





It's a very gentle scrub that is the best body scrub I have ever used. The scrub from their own voice : Made in the  Himalayas from the finest Apricot Kernels, this gentle exfoliating scrub is 100% pure and chemical free . 






The scrub comes in a transparent plastic jar with copper colored screwed lid. There is a foil stuck on the mouth of the jar to protect the powder from the moisture outside . On the outer part of the jar, an off white label is pasted with the name of the brand and the name and datails of the products. From the packaging , one can easily get that it is a luxurious one.




To get the maximum benefit from the scrub, use it by mixing with milk or water .  Suitable for all skin types .





Firstly , I want to say the Apricot Body Scrub is the best scrub, I have ever used. Following the instructions of the brand, I used the scrub, mixing with milk. Applied it on all over my body and face. Yeah! you have read it right. Though, it's a body scrub, but it is so soft and gentle that I saw no harm to use it on my face too. My first feeling after using the scrub is to get a soft and silky skin. It cleansed all the dirts and impurities and reduced the tan immediately. I feel like I have done body polishing in any salon . The scrub kept my skin hydrated all day long. It helped my  creams getting penetrated into my skin easily .The Apricot Body Scrub is really an excellent product from Junaili . So, I am asking you to buy it and start using . I am sure that you will thank me later and you will recommend to others . I am surely going to buy it.

BY Rating : 5/5

Have anyone used it?  Please share your experiences here . If you buy, then also share your thoughts . I am waiting to hear from you . 

Stay here . More such reviews are coming .  Till then bye . Happy shopping.

Shreemayee Chattopadhyay .

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